If you are a corporation or business looking for a way to promote your product or services, public relations is an effective way to draw attention to your organization or brand. Public relations use the art of persuasion to showcase ideas and highlight accomplishments. PR firms like Red Banyan have teams of experts who know how to draw attention to your brand in ways that will yield tangible results.

Public relations is about storytelling. Red Banyan’s PR and digital PR experts stir interest in brands, products, or services with narratives that draw in consumers, so they want to be part of the big picture.

Creating buzz drives public relations and sparks interest in goods or services.

Why Corporate PR Can Make a Difference

Public relations for corporations is about image building and maintenance with a big focus on maintaining a favorable corporate image. Corporate PR also involves handling questions from the media, monitoring social media channels for negative comments, and addressing concerns from shareholders.

The PR pros at Red Banyan understand how important it is for corporations to maintain a positive image, be responsive to public inquiries and efficiently share important information with employees, managers, and other stakeholders. Red Banyan’s communications strategists have decades of experience promoting corporate interests and handling internal and external communications for businesses large and small.

Having a business PR team in place to quickly handle online attacks is important to mitigating damage from internet mobs which can happen out of the blue. Unfavorable narratives can quickly spiral out of control online, so it is extremely important to address problems stemming from social media with lightning speed.

Red Banyan has social media experts who monitor companies’ business accounts and set up alerts so they know if anything negative is being said online. Public relations agencies shape a corporation’s narrative to advance a particular agenda, so the public-facing image slants in their client’s favor.

How Consumer PR Works

Consumer public relations focuses on how a business shares its messaging with consumers. That can also include the methods it uses to convey information to employees and key stakeholders, and the media.

Public relations firms like Red Banyan do this using various communications techniques, including customer testimonials, day-in-the-life vignettes, and unique insights. The goal is to inspire customers to feel ownership of a company’s brand.

Red Banyan’s PR team are experts in media relations and understands the importance of earned media. Many Red Banyan’s employees are former journalists who understand what makes a good story and know exactly what reporters need to move forward. Red Banyan’s media relations experts know how to pitch stories, craft press releases, and stir interest in a narrative to get you the coverage you seek.

Corporate and Consumer PR Benefits

Both corporate and consumer public relations help establish a level of legitimacy for your business and also increase your organization’s credibility. A PR agency like Red Banyan uses media coverage to stir interest in a company’s products or services and stimulate demand for them.

Red Banyan’s communications experts will position your company as a brand leader using social media, media relations, blogging, press releases, thought leadership, and media interviews.

Red Banyan’s strategic communications team also includes SEO experts who will audit your website and optimize your content. Hence, your website benefits your brand and positions your business as a brand leader.

Public relations is a low-cost option allowing companies can elevate their brand with significant reach. Skilled PR pros like those at Red Banyan rely on storytelling to amp up brand appeal and increase relatability.

Talented PR consultants know how to create an appealing narrative that is replayed on social media, in press releases, and website content such as blogs.

Why News PR Matters in Marketing

Red Banyan’s corporate and consumer PR team knows that a compelling story can paint an appealing story about a business or a brand. Red Banyan’s public relations experts also know that creating a memorable and impactful narrative is key to successfully marketing a new business. Our strategic communications team will create an interesting, personal story for your brand that will inspire consumers to want to learn more.

Red Banyan’s PR communications experts will work hard to influence, engage and build relationships with key stakeholders across numerous platforms to shape and frame the public perception of an organization.

Public relations experts determine who is your target audience, what kind of messaging is needed to reach that audience, and help companies determine what social media tools are most suited to accomplishing those goals. Red Banyan’s media relations experts help businesses and corporations define their goals, determine what is newsworthy and perfect their media pitches to get the coverage they seek.

Deciding who you want to reach and then sharpening your focus on that target audience is essential to success. Red Banyan can help guide your team and take the results to the next level. Companies and consumers want to work with PR firms they trust. Red Banyan has a proven track record of communication that is swift, transparent, genuine, and thoughtful.