Earned Media Explained

Red Banyan’s media relations consultants understand that all publicity is not created equal, but do you know how the various types of public exposure compare? Our earned media public relations experts have decades of experience working with media and can get you results that make a difference.

Earned media is a term that is commonly used to describe stories that make it onto TV or into a newspaper, magazine or online outlet because they are newsworthy enough to be picked up by the media. Has your company ever been featured in news articles? A story that chronicles your company’s success could be considered earned media. It’s the kind of exposure that money can’t buy, mostly because it is free. Earned media is free news coverage that occurs because the subject matter is considered interesting or newsworthy enough to merit coverage.

Earned media is not advertising. But getting this type of coverage is difficult mostly because news outlets are inundated with press releases and flimsy news pitches that usually end up in the trash. The seasoned media outreach professionals at Red Banyan have established relationships with the media and have a successful strategy to get your organization the coverage it deserves. Our savvy PR and earned media experts will outline a plan that will help your company find the best stories possible; then we will show you the steps to get those pitches and press releases noticed.

Red Banyan’s media relations services will provide you with a guide that includes tips and examples of what makes a good story and how to help the media reach the key players. Our agency has local, state, national and international media liaisons that enable us to put your organization in the spotlight.

How Effective is Earned Media?

Earned media is by far the most effective type of publicity an organization can receive, but it is often the most difficult to secure. The reason is because it is news coverage that occurs because a story or event merits the coverage. Many public relations companies rely solely on paid advertising because it is easy and reliable. But it is pricey, and you don’t always get much bang for your buck. When the media covers a story because they deem it worthy of news coverage, the coverage in and of itself lends credibility to the subject matter, creating the kind of buzz you simply can’t buy.

News coverage that occurs organically generates curiosity that can spur interest in your brand and generate conversations that increase your profile and profits. Earned media can be as basic as a tweet about your company’s new logo that gets ‘likes’ and is retweeted, or a shared blog post that outlined a new inclusive HR policy your company adopted. In fact, earned media includes any written material about your organization for which you haven’t paid.

Other examples of earned media include customer reviews and testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations, both in person and digital. In fact, studies show that consumers seek out third party articles and reviews before making purchases, feel more comfortable making purchases if the products are endorsed by an unbiased expert, and prefer reading product reviews by experts before shopping.

How to Secure Earned Media

Red Banyan’s PR professionals work hard to provide invaluable results that make a difference. We understand that every client has unique needs that must be defined by a clear scope of work that addresses every point of concern. Our top executives have extensive experience in media relations, government affairs and crisis communications.

Many are former journalists, so they know how reporters think and what they are looking for. They understand how to craft interesting pitches, know what makes news and know how to find the most interesting angles and can shape your company’s message to highlight that train of thought. Our PR experts secure extensive earned media for clients because they have long-standing relationships with reporters and have spent years establishing their credibility and earning the media’s trust.

In addition, our communications experts can help shape your organization’s public messages so that you get the desired outcome when it’s picked up by the media. Red Banyan’s media relations experts are talented storytellers who know that compelling details can make or break a pitch. Our press outreach team will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Identifying journalists who will cover the stories you pitch stems from strategic press outreach and trusted relationships with the media.

We’ve worked hard to become a reliable source for news media, and we know how to make your messaging memorable. With decades of experience in everything from crisis management to media relations and earned media, our PR consultants have the necessary skills to present your message to the media and get it noticed. Our uncompromising commitment to our clients produces results that keep them coming back.

Types of Earned Media

Earned media is sought after because it increases your credibility, heightens brand awareness and expands your reach. Remember, it’s any mention or conversation about your organization that comes voluntarily from others. This could include press releases, news features, positive reviews, or social media mentions.

Our PR experts know how to develop media sources, interact on social media and target the right news outlets with the right story. Our existing relationships with the media are the result of years of source-building and provide Red Banyan with an edge when it comes to storytelling. We monitor the news closely, find niche writers who will take interest in your organization’s mission, and target our pitches for the most favorable results.

We conduct research to find out who is covering which topics and then shape our pitches accordingly. We are a “go-to” source for reporters who need expert comments on key topics that are in the news. Earned media, though the most challenging to achieve, gives your organization third-party credibility and reaches a broader audience that might not otherwise know how they could benefit from your story, product or service. All too often, PR agencies rely solely on paid media and advertising because they don’t have the skills or know-how to get their clients noticed by news outlets. That is yet another aspect that sets Red Banyan apart as a leading national PR firm.