What is Strategic Communications?

Strategic communications is a term that is often heard and little understood. So what does it mean and why does it matter? In short, strategic communications means a communications plan or strategy that includes everything from content production, crisis communications, public relations, marketing and advertising.

Red Banyan’s public relations agency has the experience, talent and skill to craft a comprehensive PR plan for your company so you can achieve the results you desire. Our communications professionals will provide your organization with an easy-to-follow PR guide filled with strategic PR tips that will help keep you focused and on track.

Strategic communications involves paying close attention to the wide variety of options available today for getting your message out, such as contacting journalists, writing a blog and posting to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Professionalism is also important. The crisis management experts at Red Banyan know how to get your messages out in a manner that is professional and effective so that you don’t end up looking like an amateur.

Why Do Strategic Communications?

Effectively delivering your organization’s message to key audiences is what strategic communications is all about. Red Banyan’s strategic PR company will help your organization plan its messaging so it can achieve its goals. Our knowledge of public relations, marketing, content strategy and media relations will give you a focused result that will take your company to the next level.

Providing PR services in a crisis is just one of the many services our crisis PR consultants offer. We know how to choose the correct platform to get your message out, calculate the best timing to release it, and select the right audience for the desired impact. Our crisis PR firm has the skills and experience to provide the thought, planning and analysis needed to get the job done.

Purposeful communication is the core of all strategic communications. Our crisis PR firm can create a customized strategic communications plan that is goal-oriented with the aim of building up your brand and sustaining it. Red Banyan’s communications professionals will help you create a roadmap that will define your objectives and the strategies and tactics to reach them.

Coordination & Consistency

Red Banyan’s PR professionals will make sure your organization’s messaging supports its strategic goals. Our experienced media relations consultants will determine if all your company’s actions, words and images work together effectively to build brand recognition and reputation.

If your website, marketing, social media and public relations don’t share coordinated messaging, the end result can have a negative effect on your organization’s reputation. Our crisis management experts will audit your communications and align the messaging if necessary so you will get the best result possible for the most significant impact.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants will help you monitor social media platforms so you can track what is being said about your organization and maintain control of your online reputation.  Monitoring online conversations about your organization is important so you can take control if a narrative turns ugly and your company’s good name is at risk. We can also keep track of trending topics that might be of interest to your company so you can join the discussion if it merits participation.

How Does Strategic Communications Impact Business?

Did you know that a strategic communications plan is an overall communications strategy that sets forth a company’s desired outcomes and outlines ways that communications can be used to support those goals? Good communication can facilitate a good working relationship between a company and its employees, improving overall morale and efficiency. The experienced PR consultants at Red Banyan can provide you with PR tips to improve your communications strategy so you can fine tune your plan and get even better results.

We will make sure your marketing and public relations communications coordinate with the actions occurring within the company so that your organization presents a unified message. We will help you establish a clear vision of where you want to take your business so we can purposefully shape your communications so they all align with your business plan.

Remember, all public-facing information about your organization contributes to its overall reputation. Our strategic communications professionals will make sure that what is being said about your company online meshes with the good reputation you have worked so hard to establish. Businesses that don’t have a cohesive strategic communications plan may not achieve the results they are seeking. Red Banyan’s experienced, knowledgeable, and media-savvy experts will guide your company in the right direction.

Strategic Communications Essentials

Strategic communications requires a few key basics in order to be successful. First, know who your target audience is and how you will reach it. Define what messages you want to send and what audiences you want them to reach. Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone. Red Banyan’s PR experts can help your organization outline a strategic communications plan, define the audience you want to reach, and figure out the best way for you to reach it.

A crisis response company like Red Banyan addresses everything from content production and PR to advertising and marketing.

We will also help you outline your goals and objectives, creating a plan that establishes how we will communicate – to whom and when. We will use data to measure your company’s progress, evaluate social media campaigns, and review the reach of your messaging. Our crisis communications consultants have the proactive mindset needed for success, and the experience to create a strategic communications plan that delivers results that make a difference.