Red Banyan Evan Nierman 4th if July blog

By Evan Nierman

Independence Day is here, and with it comes proud displays of the American flag, positioned front and center at celebrations across the country — hanging from windows, flying high on flagpoles, and being waved enthusiastically in parades.

The flag is an iconic symbol that symbolizes the diverse ideas, perspectives, and voices that all unite under our foundational values of liberty, justice, and equality.

Unlike many other national emblems, the American flag reflects the fundamental right of every individual to express his or her thoughts, regardless of how popular those views are. For this reason, the flag has been a rallying point for various movements and ideologies throughout history. From civil rights marches to the defense of religious freedoms to protests for gender equality, the American flag has flown high.

Along with these triumphant displays, the flag has also been used in disparaging and objectionable ways; burned or defaced in protest, co-opted by hate groups, and altered to represent exclusionary ideologies. Even in these contexts, the flag remains a powerful symbol of the right to free expression, to dissent, to challenge, and to provoke.

This dichotomy of the flag’s uses reflects the complex and multifaceted nature of American society and its people. Many fall into the trap of making assumptions about others based on what they’ve said online or in some other public forum, but these singular instances don’t capture the full scope of a person’s identity or character. Things like a person’s background, life experiences, or even the kind of day they’ve had are often not considered as many rush to judgment.

We all have the right to free speech, and with it should come the right to defend ourselves in the court of public opinion. These are the values that Red Banyan believes in, and we uphold them each and every day for our clients.

When July 4th rolls around and I see the flag everywhere, I see a symbol of unity—one that acknowledges both America’s diversity and its unwavering core values.  It reminds us that our nation’s strength lies in our ability to embrace and celebrate our differences, while standing together under a shared commitment to freedom.

Much work remains to be done, and this country is far from perfect. But this is a great nation.  And our democracy rightly sets the standard for the rest of the world.

Nothing is more indomitable than the American spirit. We must remain ever cognizant of our unique global standing and remain resolute in our commitment to leading with integrity.  America’s is a flag which will always represent optimism and achievement, and to which I will forever be proud to pledge my allegiance.