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What we do

Organizations dedicated to accomplishing their goals and delivering the right messages at the right time to those who matter most rely upon the nimble team at Red Banyan to Press the Truth.®

Press the Truth® is Red Banyan’s modern, proactive, assertive and effective approach to communicating.

We use it to seize the initiative, craft perceptions that become reality, influence public opinion and protect the reputations and bottom lines of our partners.

Organizations rely on us to solve complex, highly-sensitive and mission-critical challenges.
We contain crises, manage social media meltdowns, build brands and elevate leaders using strategic P.R.
We deliver for companies, law firms, governments, whistleblowers, litigants and individuals.

Case Studies

In the era of “cancel culture” one wrong social media post, public statement or careless mistake can spark an unstoppable barrage of controversy and consequences.

Red Banyan’s experienced and effective cancel culture PR professionals guide public figures and celebrities, prominent business leaders, organizations, and individuals through the storm, protecting their revenues and reputations.

Social Media Influencer Survives Online Mob Following Public Scandal

After unfortunate details related to an online personality’s private life are made public, this well-known influencer enlists Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts to stop an online mob from causing long-term damage.

Red Banyan’s team moves swiftly by providing decisive counsel that corrects misinformation, halts the momentum of public attacks and stops sponsors from terminating partnership deals. The team then formulates and executes a strategy that gradually returns the situation to normal, putting the controversy firmly in the past.

Clients trust and rely upon Red Banyan when it comes to repairing and defending their most valuable asset: their reputation.

In this hyper-connected age, reputations built over a lifetime can crumble in mere moments.

Online and offline, our digital and PR specialists Press the Truth,® ensuring clients receive a fair shot at countering false or misleading information and setting the record straight.

Google Search Emphasizes Lawsuits and Negative Stories About CEO, Damaging His Reputation and Hurting the Business

Red Banyan draws on its digital communications expertise to devise a multi-faceted strategy that dramatically improves the CEO’s online presence and reduces the impact of negative search engine results. Positive media stories help the business rebound and the executive regain his personal reputation.

Red Banyan has been retained by numerous industry-leading corporations for both proactive and reactive communications services.

We have helped companies multiply revenues and accelerate brand awareness by successfully introducing new products, services and organizations to the market. Our team is skilled at developing creative avenues to generate and sustain public interest over time.

We also work directly with executives on messaging, speechwriting, op-eds, media training, and overall public profile enhancement.

Company Garners Major Positive Media Coverage Around Milestone Event

Red Banyan secures invaluable national, regional and local exposure in television, print and online news segments including National Public Radio and PBS Nightly Business Report when a fast-growing company celebrates the ribbon-cutting at its new headquarters. The company uses the positive press to attract and retain talent and position itself as a technological innovator and economic leader responsible for creating hundreds of high-quality jobs.

Red Banyan has been engaged by sovereign nations and institutions on a range of initiatives involving U.S. and international media.

We are well-versed in the subtleties of working with foreign governments and are comfortable navigating political sensitivities when the stakes are high and margin for error nonexistent.

Foreign Government Looks to Secure Fair Treatment and Vital Support in Washington

In the wake of critical press coverage and negative, unfair characterizations of its policies and leadership, the Embassy of a European government turns to Red Banyan to set the record straight in Washington. Red Banyan leverages its deep contacts and communications expertise to deliver accurate information to the Administration and Congress that corrects misinformation, and bolsters support for the country among policymakers.

Working alongside legal counsel and senior managers, Red Banyan helps organizations facing the prospect of bankruptcy to successfully navigate the many sensitivities that come with reorganizing.

Our experts act fast to preserve revenue and reputation, empowering companies to communicate with the clarity and confidence they need to position themselves for renewed success.

Company Navigates Bankruptcy While Preserving Customers and Reputation

In the wake of COVID-19 a national gym chain faced with the prospect of losing its members and damaging its brand as a consequence of reorganizing in bankruptcy, enlists crisis PR help. Red Banyan successfully guides the company through its external and internal communications efforts in order to calm distressed employees, retain customers, minimize media exposure and preserve brand equity and the company’s valuation.

Red Banyan has served the world’s largest Jewish and pro-Israel non-profit organizations from its inception and continues to work on their behalf.

We collaborate closely with Jewish leaders from across the political spectrum on a variety of causes and issues.

Nonprofit Uses PR to Drive Record-Breaking Financial Support

In the service of a worthy nonprofit, Red Banyan employs strategic communications to galvanize current supporters and attract new ones who break event attendance and fundraising records. Financial contributions increase by double-digit percentages year over year while dozens of feature pieces in broadcast and print dramatically elevate the profile of the institution and increase public awareness of its work.

Red Banyan’s dedicated social media team provides complete social media management services, including community monitoring, content creation, and ongoing strategic guidance that help increase overall engagement across platforms.

Educational Institutions Drive Leads and Engage Current Students

Working with various educational institutions, Red Banyan exponentially increases their enrollment, social media followings and community engagement by crafting compelling content across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, Red Banyan’s social media experts exercise full editorial oversight, distinguish each brand and create new avenues of communication with target audiences.

Organizations and individuals faced with legal challenges cannot afford to remain silent and allow biased or inaccurate reporting of their case.

Red Banyan works in lockstep with counsel to combine legal and PR strategies that win in court, but also in the court of public opinion.

We are proud of our work exposing illegal and unethical activity, and have helped whistleblowers, as well as plaintiffs and defendants, before, during and following settlement or trial.

Lawyers Representing Victims of Financial Fraud Look to Expose Wrongdoing and Pursue Justice

Red Banyan uses press outreach to attract additional victims, growing the class action lawsuit from a single victim with claims of $30,000 to $35 million in stolen funds and dozens of plaintiffs from nearly 50 states. We expose the hiding criminal, and media coverage produces a tip leading to his arrest and a 20-year prison sentence.

A PR crisis can strike at any time and misinformation spreads rapidly.

Press the Truth® is Red Banyan’s proven and proprietary approach and system for effectively taking control of public narratives to protect revenues and guard against reputational damage.

We fight tenaciously, journalist by journalist, online post by online post, to advance our clients’ interests and ensure their stories are told.

Company Seeks to Salvage Reputation and Retain Customers in Wake of Slanderous Accusations

Red Banyan leaps into immediate action to assist a company whose revenues were being decimated by slander from an ex-employee who set up a rival business and solicited its customers. As legal action commences, crisis counselors at Red Banyan develop and implement a PR strategy to handle the crisis, safeguard against further attacks, expose the actions of the organization’s adversary, and rebuild trust with customers while lifting morale among the company’s employees and partners.

We draw on our experience and relationships with international, national and local journalists, interacting with the press on behalf of clients and providing media training, analysis, and action plans.

International CEO Prepared to Handle Top Tier Media Interviews

Red Banyan transforms a highly accomplished CEO with little press experience into a confident spokesman equipped to conquer the toughest TV and print interviews. A one-day intensive training prepares this leader to skillfully deliver his key messages, define the direction of his media interactions and handle aggressive questions on any topic.

How we do it

Red Banyan maintains long-term relationships with a diverse roster of clients, acting as an extension of their teams.

We are often retained for sensitive issues that require superior levels of intelligence, creativity, tact and discretion.

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Who we are

We are a team of senior, battle-tested consultants whose deep experience enables us to effectively serve a broad range of industries.
We maintain longstanding relationships across the global media community while working at the cutting edge of digital communications.

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