What Makes for Good PR Coverage?

Did you know that not all publicity is created equal? Some kinds of PR are easier to attain but offer less bang for the buck. Our PR experts know how to develop media sources, interact on social media and target the right news outlet with the right story.

We don’t rely solely on paid media to publicize your organization’s attributes because we know what makes news. Our existing relationships with the media are the result of years of source-building and provide Red Banyan with an edge when it comes to getting you noticed. Our media relations consultants conduct research to find out what topics writers are covering and contact relevant influencers to get you news coverage.

Earned media, or organic news coverage, is the most challenging to achieve but provides your organization with third-party credibility and reaches a broader audience that might not otherwise know how they could benefit from your story, product or service. Too frequently media relations professionals rely solely on owned media (blogging) and advertising because they don’t have the skills or know-how to get their clients noticed by news outlets.

The former journalists on Red Banyan’s team of experts leverage their personal understanding of the news business to get our clients the best exposure possible. Our mix of backgrounds provides our clients with a complete spectrum of services: we contain crises, manage social media meltdowns, build brands and elevate leaders using strategic public relations.

Our strategic communications with media outlets allow us to spotlight your story and cultivate interest in your brand. In addition, we track your mentions in the media, help find new media opportunities with new venues and regularly contact the press when your organization has something newsworthy.

Tactics to Increase Media Coverage

The public relations consultants at Red Banyan are PR agency experts who can help boost your media coverage by leveraging their years of experience working in media relations. We know that the newsrooms of today are understaffed and overworked, and that interesting, relevant and well-researched pitches can become important stories if pitched correctly. We know how to stir interest when you have a head-turning message that needs and deserves publicity and we know how to get that message out. Our PR services can help you tailor your organization’s public message so you get the results you are seeking and your news item gets the coverage you are seeking. Our PR firm for media coverage will make sure your story is credible and authoritative, is informative and is also from a credible source.

If you want the media to seriously consider your story, it’s important that it is newsworthy. We will help you craft pitches that state the elements of the story that make it newsworthy. If your news item includes a trending topic, make sure to point it out. News organizations are more apt to bite on something that’s connected to the daily news, so if you have a current events angle, point it out!

Relevance is key to attaining coverage. Newsrooms these days are understaffed and overworked, so it is important that your pitches are meaningful and helpful. Highlight how your story relates to the news outlet’s audience and your chances of getting a call back will go up.

How to Measure Media Coverage

Are you getting the news coverage you want? Is your company getting the news coverage it deserves? If you’re not sure, maybe it’s time to take a look at the kind and number of pitches you are sending out and what type of results you are actually receiving.

The PR experts at Red Banyan will help you keep track of the pitches they craft and the earned media your organization receives. Red Banyan’s PR consultants work with organizations to devise plans that help them achieve the desired results. Our PR experts understand that relevancy, timing and details can make or break a news pitch.

Remember, advertorials are not the same as news stories. Many public relations companies rely solely on paid placements, which are much less desirable than organic news coverage. Our PR experts have the background expertise to get you the inside track and put you in touch with the best-suited media outlet. We always do thorough research and customize your messaging so it captures the interest of your target audience.

News coverage is important because consumers today make decisions about what they read online, see on the news or view on social media. If your story isn’t out there, no one will hear your message. Our media experts will evaluate everything from blogs and social media accounts to websites, paid advertising and earned media. We will help you create a customized plan that will highlight the unique characteristics of your company so we can tell stories that get interest and provide value.

Make the Most of Your Media Coverage

So your story has been picked up by the mainstream media and you are thrilled because your company just got the kind of publicity you have dreamed about for years. So what now? First of all, don’t let the moment slide by. Capitalize on it. The PR experts at Red Banyan will help you promote your story on social media and reach out to local influencers to get them to comment on your news and engage with your article.

Take advantage of discovery features like Twitter hashtags. Send an email or publicly post on social media a “thank you” to the journalist, magazine, newspaper or TV station that gave you coverage. Use LinkedIn to promote B2B content, link to the press coverage in LinkedIn’s “experience” section and share news of the coverage with your colleagues, family and friends.

Red Banyan’s PR experts will provide you with a list of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of news coverage so amplifying the effects will be easy. Add the logo of the publication to your organization’s website, adding credibility to your company’s reputation. Include a link to the coverage in a company newsletter, all social media and share it with anyone with whom you work.

When it comes to media coverage, Red Banyan delivers.