If you run a medical business like a hospital or doctor’s office, then healthcare public relations is a term that should be familiar. Healthcare PR is a specialized kind of public relations that focuses on businesses in the healthcare field that offer everything from medical care and medical innovations to patient care and equipment.

Healthcare public relations focuses on the business of healthcare and strives to simplify complex information and medical terminology, so it is understandable and interesting to the average person.  Red Banyan’s communications experts will tailor unique healthcare PR strategies to your specific circumstances, so you get the results you desire.

Red Banyan’s team of healthcare PR experts have years of experience working in the healthcare field and will help create the kind of healthcare PR strategies that will get you noticed. Whether you want to highlight a prestigious new hire or have achieved some sort of medical breakthrough, Red Banyan’s team of healthcare PR professionals will get you the kind of publicity you seek. Healthcare PR focuses on educating your target audience and achieving tangible results that will make a difference in how your business is viewed. Our team of media relations experts will also help you forge valuable relationships with news outlets, reporters and social media influencers so you can achieve maximum exposure when it counts.

Healthcare PR Educates

The goal of healthcare public relations is to inform consumers about what a medical business does and why it matters. Health PR professionals know how to translate medical jargon, so it makes sense to the average person. Technical language can also be confusing so healthcare public relations experts strive to simplify unfamiliar language. 

Life sciences are complex but the healthcare PR professionals at Red Banyan have years of experience translating unfamiliar concepts into laymen’s terms. We also know how important it is to make sure your business stands out from the rest. Our team of healthcare PR experts will help you create a one-of-a-kind strategic communications plan that focuses on simplicity but educates in the process. 

Red Banyan’s healthcare PR experts will help you will build trust and appreciation with consumers by making information easier to understand. Healthcare public relations is an excellent way to educate consumers about your medical business or medical products in your own words on your own terms. Healthcare PR professionals like the ones at Red Banyan will audit your website for content and figure out what kind of information you need to highlight your areas of specialty and showcase the ways you are different from the competition.

Medical Public Relations Increases Awareness

PR is used for many things, such as increasing sales, improving brand awareness, or accessing a wider audience. Healthcare public relations can help build business and product awareness among target buyers and end users, often at a fraction of the cost of advertising. Many small and large medical businesses use public relations to promote their products and services.

Skilled healthcare PR professionals know the power of storytelling and can help you shape the narrative around your business to stir interest and create buzz. And whether that story comes in the form of a press release, a thought leadership piece, a Q&A or a case study, PR professionals know it must be tailored to your business’s specific needs. The healthcare public relations experts at Red Banyan will also make sure your message is relevant, so it is shared on social media for maximum exposure.

Increasing awareness through medical PR is extremely important because the medical industry is very competitive, and businesses need ways to stand out. Creating websites and listing your businesses in a Google directories are no longer enough. Red Banyan’s medical public relations experts have the experience and know-how to get your business the recognition it needs to stay in the game and have a bigger digital footprint so you can beat the competition.

PR Fosters Trust

Red Banyan’s physician and hospital PR experts will create consumer trust by sharing quality content that tells a narrative that informs, educates and instills confidence in readers. Our team of public relations professionals can help you:

  • Increase notoriety in your field
  • Carve out a unique niche  
  • Educate a larger pool of people beyond your patient base 

Our media outreach experts will help position you or your business as a go-to source for your medical specialty and teach you how to brand yourself as a medical expert. Our social media experts will show you different ways you can use social media marketing to promote your business or practice and attract new patients. It’s all about packaging, pitching and promoting.

Red Banyan can help your organization cement its position as an industry leader and make sure you are always aware of industry-related developments.

Red Banyan’s team of healthcare PR experts also have decades of experience in crisis communications and can help your business create a crisis response plan before you ever need one. We will make sure you can always communicate quickly and accurately in a variety of ways, so you are never caught unprepared

Healthcare PR Best Practices

Red Banyan’s healthcare public relations professionals will help you create tailored PR campaigns that will grab the attention of your target audiences and keep it. Our strategic communications experts will audit your social media channels and figure out the best way to position your business on social media.

Our team of healthcare content experts will create unique content that will set your medical business apart from all others with relevant and compelling information. We will assemble “how to” guides and create original infographics for easy-to-navigate pieces that will serve up facts and figures about your business in a concise and digestible way.

Red Banyan’s media relations experts can also pitch stories to the media and position your principals as thought leaders. If you have a specific image you are hoping to promote, Red Banyan’s team of healthcare PR professionals can create a tailored narrative and then share it with your target audience. Red Banyan’s healthcare PR professionals will make sure your story is always told the way you want it told, when you want it told.

Our healthcare public relations team can help your business tell its stories using blogs, thought leadership pieces, social media posts, podcasts, interviews and industry-specific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of PR in healthcare?

Medical or healthcare public relations is simply the use of communications tools—such as press releases, social media accounts, and traditional media pieces—to spread a strategic message relevant to medicine or public health management.

2. Why is healthcare PR important?

The person handling the public relations of medical practice has a vital role in creating and monitoring the communications between the medical practice and the general public. They are responsible for the reputation of medical practice, creating marketing materials, and managing any calls or requests from the media.

3. Do hospitals have PR?

PR reps working for hospitals write press releases and create campaigns designed to bring attention to that hospital and make patients choose that medical center over others in the same city.