Red Banyan is a crisis communications agency with a staff of skilled crisis management experts who have the talent and know-how to solve problems fast. Our seasoned PR staff can assess your needs quickly and come up with a comprehensive plan that will ensure that you are ready for any scenario, no matter how challenging.

Our crisis response team tailors all messaging so you will be able to focus the conversation on what is important and convey the image you desire. Our public relations team will work hard to help you handle any adverse circumstances with success and confidence, so your company is in control of whatever situation may arise.

Our skilled consultants will help you prepare a crisis strategy that will give you a strong foundation from which to work if circumstances get dicey. Life can be unpredictable, which is why Red Banyan’s crisis PR planning services are so essential.

Crisis Communications Plan

Does your company have a crisis communications plan in place? Do you know what crisis PR is and why it’s so important? Red Banyan’s expertise and experience in crisis communications are needed by every business, especially in a world fueled by the lightning-fast influence of social media. Being prepared and having a plan that is ready to go when you need it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our PR consultants will help your organization create specialized crisis communications plans so you are prepared when an emergency situation arises. We will teach you how to deal with unanticipated challenges, help you select the right spokespersons, and show you ways to preserve the good reputation of your organization, which took years to establish. We prepare our clients to expect the unexpected and to be ready for anything. Responding to a crisis quickly and confidently is essential for avoiding adverse outcomes.

Crisis PR Best Practices

The PR crisis management consultants at Red Banyan develop personal relationships with each and every client to ensure the best possible outcome. Our PR consultants want to achieve the best results for you so we work hard to really get to know you and understand your goals and challenges; that way we can provide the right kind of assistance when needs arise.

There is no “one size fits all” in the business of PR and crisis communications. Our services include PR crisis response, media relations, crisis management consulting, and crisis PR training and assessments. Our crisis management and public relations services are designed to meet the specific needs of every client.

Do you have a social media plan in place? Our experienced consultants will review your social media content, come up with a plan and help you get one together. Knowing how to carefully manage your online reputation is extremely important in an era when bad news, real or perceived, can spiral out of control online if you don’t have a plan to nip it in the bud. Red Banyan is recognized as a leader in global crisis communications and strategies and can help make sure you are prepared so that nothing negative ever mars your organization’s reputation or online credibility.

Goals for Your Crisis Management

What would you do if negative news about your business caught fire in social media and began to spiral out of control? Would you know how to tamp down the flames, or would you simply stand by and watch the fire burn?

A social media crisis can have dire consequences for an organization because misinformation can spread at warp speed online. That’s why it is essential these days for organizations to have plans in place to address these situations. Red Banyan PR experts can help you define what your top crisis management goals are, and help you outline ways to reach these goals as well as handle unexpected crises.

Who would be the mouthpiece for your organization if a problem arose? Companies that don’t have a designated spokesperson run the risk of having different people provide different explanations about circumstances, allowing for confusion and even more problems. Red Banyan’s communications experts can help your organization define goals and establish solutions so that you are never caught off guard.

Emergency Communications

Did you know that a crisis communications agency does more than just douse fires? Red Banyan’s public relations experts teach our customers how to respond when emergencies occur. We know that getting back to business may be anything but routine after a disruption. Our crisis communications strategists will provide you with a roadmap so you know exactly where you are going and how to get there.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants will keep a close watch on social media platforms, TV, websites, and all media outlets daily so they can address any negative messaging related to the crisis at hand in the quickest and most effective way possible. Our PR professionals will make sure that the transition back to “normal” is as seamless as possible. We will also make sure that all emergency communications are clear-cut, easy-to-understand, and disseminated in a timely manner so they are both relevant and useful. Our consultants will teach your organization how to take charge quickly in an emergency and steer the conversation your way so your organization can provide the information that is important for it to communicate.

Your Crisis Management Messaging

When a crisis occurs and your organization has a message to get out, do you know who to contact and what information to provide? Our crisis communications experts have established relationships with the media and the know-how and expertise to get your crisis management messaging the attention it deserves.

Are you getting the kind of attention that you want? If you don’t understand the media or don’t know how to answer their questions, you may miss an invaluable opportunity to tell your side of the story. And when there’s a crisis of any kind, it is critically important that you get your side of the story told in the way that you want. The crisis communications experts at Red Banyan can take charge of your crisis management messaging and make sure your side of the story is portrayed accurately and thoroughly. Our PR experts will teach you how to take control of your own message, present it in the most positive light and help you navigate any potholes.

Effective Crisis Communication Examples

Effectively communicating is something that benefits all organizations. It is essential in a crisis, but also in times when you are simply trying to grow your company by attracting and retaining customers.

Are you an entrepreneur who needs to make a splash in a competitive market, but you don’t know how to distinguish yourself from the rest of the players? Our PR professionals can help you tell your company’s story in a way that customers will understand, relate to and embrace. We will help you create memorable content that can be shared across multiple platforms so that your unique story is told on your terms.

The communications experts at Red Banyan will keep in close touch with you, find out as much possible about your organization, and determine the most economical way to achieve your goals. Our experienced copywriters and talented PR pros will provide tailored content for your specific needs and goals, so we can achieve your company’s desired outcome.