What is Healthcare PR?

Healthcare public relations, or healthcare PR, is a specialized type of public relations that primarily focuses on businesses in the healthcare field. The crisis communications and PR experts at Red Banyan have years of experience working in the healthcare industry and will help you create healthcare PR strategies that will get you the desired results fast while highlighting and securing publicity for any medical breakthroughs or innovations related to your brand.

Red Banyan’s social media, communication and branding experts will help you build relevant relationships with news outlets, individual reporters and social media influencers so that you become a valued source.  Established media contacts are something that we possess all across the United States and around the world.

Our strategic communications consultants will steer you in the right direction so you always know the best way to convey your message. We will media train you, teaching you how to deliver the right message at the right time to take control of the narrative from the start.

Why is Having a PR Strategy Important for Healthcare Companies?

When it comes to successful PR, being prepared ahead of time is what it’s all about. Red Banyan’s crisis communications and healthcare PR professionals understand that good examples of healthcare PR always include preparation and planning. Knowing what to do and what not to do when something goes awry are key to weathering any public relations crisis with success.

Red Banyan’s PR professionals will help you determine the proper objective for every PR campaign and figure out how to achieve the most favorable outcome. Our healthcare public relations experts know how important it is to reach new potential customers and patients, while thinking strategically about your overall communications plan. Our healthcare PR agency can help you meet your established goals while maximizing the return on your investment.

The healthcare field is overcrowded. Our healthcare PR experts know how important it is for your brand or medical facility to stand out from the rest. We will help you establish trust with your own clients, patients and partners, refresh your brand, and work with you on public-facing communications.

Our PR firm will help you create a unique strategic communications framework so your healthcare organization can disseminate its message effectively through a variety of outlets.

Healthcare PR Best Practices

Red Banyan’s communications consultants understand how important it is to build a recognized and trusted brand in the fiercely competitive field of healthcare. Because our team is composed of former journalists, we have the tools to help you become a thought leader in your field and achieve the earned media you deserve.

We will help create head-turning PR campaigns that capture the attention of your target audiences. Also, Red Banyan’s online reputation and strategic communications experts can help you figure out the best ways to position your organization on social media.

We understand the complexities of PR for life sciences and have specialized staff with the background and experience to secure your organization the publicity and attention it requires.

Red Banyan’s award-winning PR consultants have the expertise and experience to put you directly in touch with the audiences you want to reach. We will help you create succinct messaging that resonates with target audience so that your brand is highlighted in the media ahead of others.

Build Your Healthcare Brand

Building a healthcare brand means producing pages of memorable content that will get your organization noticed fast. Red Banyan’s content creation team knows the importance and method to produce relevant and interesting content. Our content team has the skills to produce healthcare-related social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and other collateral that draws attention to your brand, informs your readers and highlights what sets you apart.  We know it is essential that all content associated with your organization is top-quality, shareable and memorable.

We can promote your brand and excel at healthcare PR through interviews with healthcare experts.  In addition, we will assist you by performing healthcare media relations, creating “how to” guides and designing infographics that will provide user-friendly facts at a glance. Red Banyan’s healthcare PR professionals can also help your organization stay abreast of developing trends, alerting you to regulatory changes and negative reviews so that you can respond and protect your reputation.

Do you have a specific image you are hoping to promote? Our PR experts can help shape that image and then shop it to your target audiences, so you are in control of how you are perceived. Our healthcare PR experts will make sure you never have to let someone else set the narrative for you.

Crisis Management and Crisis PR for Healthcare Companies

Are you seeking crisis management for a healthcare company?  Do you have a designated spokesperson to rely on in a time of crisis? Do you know how to respond or what to do during a healthcare crisis? Red Banyan’s crisis communications agency can help you handle any situation that arises. Our team members will make sure your organization can communicate quickly and accurately across an array of platforms. Red Banyan’s healthcare PR team will also make sure you have a plan.

We will help you develop public awareness programs to raise your healthcare organization’s profile and solidify your presence as an industry leader.

In addition, we can help your organization keep track of industry-related regulatory changes and handle all manners of communication with the public.

Do you need to communicate with researchers, patients, or clinicians? Red Banyan’s communications experts will develop a PR plan that informs and excites these groups. We know how to get your organization noticed for its outstanding work because we are storytellers at heart.

Our PR and crisis communications experts understand how to tell compelling stories about good people and great organizations in ways that engage, attract and inform.