What is PR Outreach?

Do you know what PR outreach is and why it’s important? Red Banyan’s media experts are seasoned public relations professionals whose years of experience will ensure your organization gets the right kind of publicity at the right time. Our media relations agency knows how to get the attention of the press and pitch information about your organization so that you get the coverage you deserve.

When it comes to earned media, not all PR professionals are created equal. Many PR services are unable to deliver on promises because they don’t have solid relationships with the media and don’t know how to tailor a captivating message. Red Banyan’s media outreach team knows how to create a PR plan that will attract the interest of journalists, bloggers and influencers and get the kind of positive press coverage and business attention you seek.

We have existing relationships with journalists that are key to getting coverage. Do you know how to get journalists to mention your organization in an article? We do. PR used to mean getting coverage from traditional outlets like newspapers, radio and television, but today it includes blogs, social networking sites like Facebook and other digital outlets. Our press outreach includes them all.

Building Relationships

Building relationships with the media is key to securing positive publicity. Red Banyan’s PR consultants have a winning strategy that will help your organization capture the attention of journalists, bloggers and social media influencers. We will help you establish two-way communication with various media so your organization can become a valuable and reliable source for them on subjects related to your expertise.

You want to become a respected source known for providing value so when you have a story to share, they will be more likely to listen. Our media outreach plan will put your organization on the map so you are positioned as an expert in your area to be contacted when your voice is relevant. Red Banyan’s guide to establishing media contacts is proven; many of our PR experts are former journalists who understand what makes news and how the media thinks. We know how to interest journalists because we used to do their job and know what it takes to make a good story.

Helping Reporters Help You

Your organization needs good publicity and reporters need good stories. So how do you bring the two goals together? Red Banyan’s PR experts know how to craft compelling pitches that will capture the attention of reporters and stir their interest in a story they might otherwise have overlooked.

We will teach you how to write a pitch that frames your story in a way that is relevant to the journalist’s audience. Do you know what your key message is? Our PR strategists will guide you through this process so the result is both attention-grabbing and relevant. We will help you decide if you should offer an exclusive, or if your story should be released to multiple outlets simultaneously. We will make sure your story is credible, backed by verifiable data; is newsworthy and is relevant. The former journalists on our PR team know what to look for so the media knows that pitches from Red Banyan are fact-based, of interest and timely.

Engaging the Media

These days the media is understaffed, overworked and often inexperienced. Having a PR company that is staffed with former journalists is a sensible choice if you want to earn media coverage. In order to engage the press, it is essential you truly know your target audience. If the content you are pitching is not what the journalist writes about or is interested in, then your pitch will fall on deaf ears.

Our PR consultants will check out their blogs and articles ahead of time to make sure that the journalist being pitched actually writes about the subject matter in question. We will help you create a PR strategy that will focus on terms related to your subject matter. Our media outreach experts will also help you build media lists that you can use when searching for a writer.

We will show you how to develop unique angles and decide when your story should be released. We will also teach you how to search by publication and writer to find possible journalists who might be interested in your organization.

Making the Right Content Choices

Do you know what kind of content you want to pitch? Is it a new product rollout, an exclusive interview with a subject matter expert or a story on some kind of research? It’s important to explain why your story matters so you must prove your content’s value to both the journalist and the audience.

Are you offering up exclusive research? It’s also essential that the content you’re pitching is relevant to the publication or social media outlet you have chosen. Does your content include interesting details? Is it peppered with boring cliches and complicated words? Our PR experts will train you to produce compelling content crafted with simple words that make sense and leave a lasting impression.

Content that is dull, formulaic or doesn’t interest your target audience won’t attract readers, be shared, or get clicks. Content that tells a story – with a beginning, middle and end – draws in the reader and leaves them wanting more. If the content you provide to the media is appealing, you have a good chance of becoming a relied-up source for the future.

Best Media Relations Practices

Red Banyan PR experts can implement an effective PR outreach plan for your organization that will capture the interest of the media and establish you as a relevant source. We have worked hard for many years, establishing deep contacts with the press.  Our results-driven culture and unparalleled expertise distinguish us and set us apart even from the top PR firms and top crisis management firms.

We help our clients determine what stories they have to tell, and then guide them through the PR outreach process so get them the best exposure possible. Red Banyan’s expertise in this field stems from decades of hands-on experience. Our motto is “Press the Truth” and we abide by it at all times. Our reputation is rooted in honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our PR experts can get your company noticed because we understand the value of blogging, social media accounts and websites combined with earned media. Your online exposure is important because consumers today make decisions on what they read online, see on the news or view on social media. Our media outreach staff will help keep your organization on track.