When an educational institution was unfairly demonized on social media for the actions of a former employee, Red Banyan stepped in to set the record straight. Red Banyan is a crisis communications firm that specializes in crisis PR, media relations, strategic communications and litigation PR.

The school was facing ruin as a false narrative caught fire and took on a life of its own. The school’s detractors had focused on the hot button issue of sexual assault, putting the educational institution into a defensive mode. Lawsuits were brewing and a negative buzz was building fast on social media.

Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals got to work correcting innuendo, setting the record straight, putting facts into context and laying blame where it rightly belonged.

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Red Banyan’s crisis PR pros helped their client get ahead of the narrative and tell their story the way they wanted it told. Their PR consultants guided the school’s responses on social media to help correct the misinformation that was being shared.

Red Banyan’s team helped the school retain its credibility and shake off the tarnish by guiding school officials through communications with parents and students.

They were able to keep any stories out of the mainstream media, prevent resignations, maintain enrollment and preserve the school’s reputation.