As Russian troops lay siege to Ukraine, the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to amaze with his mastery of crisis communications in real time.

Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman, an expert is crisis PR, explains in an op ed in The Hill  why Zelensky’s communications are both effective and remarkable.

Evan notes that authenticity is one big reason Zelensky’s words have so much power. Another is the natural way, sincere way he speaks in quotable sound bites, he points out.

“I need ammunition, not a ride,” was Zelensky’s stark response when the United States offered to evacuate the Ukrainian president from the war zone to a safe zone. His heartfelt pleas for help have elicited worldwide compassion and support for Ukraine’s plight.

It is Zelensky’s emotional intelligence and mastery of crisis PR communications that sharply contrast with the clumsy disinformation campaign emanating from the Kremlin.

High level communications skills have emerged as a powerful weapon in a conflict that is heavily fueled by information warfare.

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