Businesses that want to keep up with the competition should embrace the power of social media, a medium that has a potentially worldwide reach. Social media has the power to increase a brand’s target audience, spread news about products, and showcase the value of goods and services with help from influencers.

Gone are the days when a small ad in the local paper is enough to drive business through the door. The dwindling number of print outlets combined with a limited reach has amplified the power of social media, which can relay your company news in real time with a simple mouse click.

Content can be tailored for various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Social media provides an easy way for businesses to get input fast and convey changes or improvements rooted in consumer commentary. Companies that are responsive to online input are more likely to build a favorable online reputation, even if some of the commentary is negative.

Videos and photos shared on social media are an excellent way to highlight your goods and services and share brand stories that resonate. Videos that are shared on social media can also be incorporated into your company website as a draw that spotlights your brands strengths and value.  Red Banyan‘s team of social media experts can help.

8 Reasons why social media will boost branding:

  1. Increasing brand exposure and brand traffic is easy with social media because it puts your goods and services before a much larger audience.
  2. Relationship-building is important and social media simplifies this process because you are able to share your content with such a big audience.
  3. Sharing information on social media increases awareness about your brand and makes your services available to a wide spectrum of people.
  4. Posting photos or behind-the-scenes views of your business humanizes your brand. “Peek-behind-the-curtain” content gives customers glimpse of employees or portions of the business they might otherwise never see.
  5. Improved connections with consumers who write reviews makes communicating quick and easy
  6. Foments brand loyalty by forging personal connections with consumers who follow your brand on social media.
  7. Companies that use social media to publicize their products can create a unique voice on different platforms. Tailoring content for various social media platforms allows businesses to interact with videos, photos and text to connect more effectively with followers.
  8. Brands that post regularly and engage with consumers cement brand loyalty.