Hiring a public relations firm is a big decision, so it is important to be sure you are getting what you pay for. Whether you need assistance with traditional public relations or something specific like the crisis communications services Red Banyan provides, it is important to hire a firm with a proven track record.

The PR professionals at Red Banyan will evaluate your organization’s needs, audit your social media accounts and review your website content to determine if your forward-facing profile needs adjustments. If you are trying to share information about a new program, an updated policy, or any other kind of change, PR is a good way to go.

The purpose of public relations is to maintain and promote a favorable public image, whether for an organization, someone famous, or a business, so knowing what type of results you want to achieve is important. Are you seeking earned media, more web content, or additional press release-writing capabilities? Do you need SEO pages to elevate your brand in the search engines? Or are you looking for a communications agency that can impart a “wow” factor to your social media accounts? Red Banyan’s PR experts have the skills and experience to outline a PR strategy that will get you the results you desire.

If your brand has been canceled or attacked online, Red Banyan’s PR experts have extensive experience in reputation rehabilitation.  Our team will help you create a communications strategy that will achieve tangible results and take your company’s profile to the next level. Companies that have news to share can benefit from a PR strategy.

What is a PR (public relations) Strategy? 

Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals will work with your company to outline specific goals and plan results so you know what your money is going to buy. If you don’t have a PR strategy in place, our communications experts will create one for you with goals that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

It is important to understand that a PR strategy is all about improving a brand’s image. Red Banyan’s public relations experts have the experience and know-how to shore up your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths so your business always puts its best foot forward.

Our team of PR professionals knows how to pitch stories, obtain media coverage and industry recognition and create social media and web content that will get your company noticed. Red Banyan’s PR consultants can craft a PR strategy that looks to the future both for the short-term and the long-term.

What is a PR Campaign?

Red Banyan creates PR campaigns that include a series of defined activities that each have a specific purpose. Our PR campaign may include blog posts, news articles, advertorials, talking points, thought leadership pieces, and social media posts, all linked together by a unifying theme.

We will work with you to define clear objectives to be achieved in a specific time frame with definitive results.  

Public relations campaigns are always aimed at attracting publicity.

Here are 5 ways a Red Banyan PR campaign will spotlight your business:

What Does a PR Campaign Look Like?

Red Banyan’s team of communications experts will help your brand build a positive relationship and image with the public by advancing your organization’s message through storytelling. We will help you shape the narrative so the resulting storyline tells the story you want to be told instead of responding to someone else’s version of the facts.

We will also protect your company’s hard-earned reputation by monitoring your social media accounts for negative content and responding appropriately. Our reputation rehab experts can create positive content that will push anything negative lower in the search engines so unfavorable information does not surface at the top of a search.

Red Banyan’s public relations experts can also boost a business’s reputation through speech writing, market research, media pitches, and press releases.

We will also analyze your competitors’ social media pages and see how yours measures up. Are they doing something you should be doing? It never hurts to take a look and compare.

Your PR campaign will have a variety of moving parts. We will make sure they all fit together, share the same theme and message, and make sense overall. Our team of PR professionals will get feedback on your campaign plan before you go live.

What is a PR Plan?

Your company’s PR plan is the roadmap for your business’s path forward.

Red Banyan will:

  • outline your business’s goals
  • define the target audience
  • detail how relevant information will be shared

A carefully thought-out PR plan will outline the desired outcome in specifics, explain how success is to be measured, make sure the campaign goals are realistic, and set a time period for achieving these goals.

Need a PR firm to get your brand noticed? Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals has the experience, media-savvy, and know-how to get you the results you desire. Contact Red Banyan to find out how we can help.