We have two main kinds of clients at Red Banyan: those who want to be in the press and those who want to get out of the press. 

If you need a story publicized or want to shine some light on a community project, Red Banyan’s team of experienced public relations experts can get the job done with superior results. Our PR professionals have years of hands-on experience pitching reporters, arranging earned media and setting up press conferences. Our public relations team includes former reporters so we have a clear understanding of what it takes to capture the media’s attention. 

Conducting on-camera interviews is key to getting your story out, but many are wary of the process. Our PR professionals provide media relations training that includes public speaking, so you will be ready if the need ever arises. We also assist with content creation, social media campaigns, and thought leadership pieces to help establish your credibility as a subject matter expert.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in the midst of a social media meltdown or being dogged by unfriendly reporters, Red Banyan’s crisis PR specialists have the skills and expertise to get you out of your jam. We specialize in problem-solving under duress and we work aggressively to minimize reputation damage. Our crisis management experts will identify any threats to your organization, determine who is affected and come up with ways to address to resolve the issue. 

What distinguishes our crisis team is speed and expertise: we have the skills and know-how to solve problems fast. Our crisis PR team handles media relations, social media monitoring, content creation and interview preparation. We will audit your social media channels for negative content, respond to commentary as needed, and create positive content for your blogs, website and social media. Our crisis PR team will take control of the narrative and make sure your story is told the right way at the right time.

Whether you have a great story you want publicized or are in looking to avoid media, Red Banyan has specialized experts who can address your needs with superior results.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications team handles media relations, messaging strategy, media affairs, interview preparation and content creation. 

Red Banyan is a crisis communications agency with a staff of skilled crisis management experts who have the talent and know-how to solve problems fast. Our seasoned PR staff can assess your needs quickly and come up with a comprehensive plan that will ensure that you are ready for any scenario, no matter how challenging.

Our crisis response team tailors all messaging so you will be able to focus the conversation on what is important and convey the image you desire. Our public relations team will work hard to help you handle any adverse circumstances with success and confidence, so your company is in control of whatever situation may arise.