Crisis management and crisis communications are general terms that describe the emergency response plans organizations put into motion to handle emergencies. Unfortunately, many companies are not prepared to respond when a significant threat to operations occurs. The result can be disastrous.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR professionals have decades of experience as a top crisis management firm and can create a custom crisis communications plan for your company if you do not have one. Our international crisis management firm will assess your organization’s needs, evaluate any threats and assemble an effective crisis management plan that will provide your staff with a detailed plan of action.

A carefully thought-out crisis communications plan can protect your business from threats and also minimize the impact that those threats pose. Our crisis management agency will help your organization create a plan, so you are well-prepared for any emergencies.

In a world fueled by the ever-changing whims of social media, crisis communications has become a mandatory specialty.  When something as innocuous as a social media post has the power to morph into an online reputation threat, it is essential that companies have the tools to respond quickly.


Expect the unexpected. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. These are phrases we have probably all heard at one time or another, and ones that have validity when it comes to crisis management. Simply put, crisis planning can be broken down into three major areas: planning, people and practice.

Red Banyan’s award-winning crisis communications experts understand that a successful crisis communications plan must address each of these components. We will walk your staff through the specifics of each step, so you are ready to act, no matter the scenario. Our PR professionals want to achieve the best results for you and will make sure you understand the challenges that are unique to your business.

A crisis that is not properly handled can have negative consequences that are long-lasting. Red Banyan’s crisis management PR firm will help you plan for emergencies and create a crisis management plan ahead of time, so your plan is in place before you need to use it. Although companies cannot predict disaster, they can identify their weaknesses and suggest their most probable disasters. Red Banyan’s crisis PR team will help you assemble a list of potential problem areas, so you can think about how you would respond.

What is your end game? If you are like most companies, your answer will be to stay in business, preserve your reputation and meet the needs of all your stakeholders. Red Banyan’s crisis public relations team will help you outline a crisis communications plan with all those goals in mind.

The success of a crisis communications team is only as good as the people who fill the roles needed to put the plan into operation. Red Banyan’s PR professionals will help you identify the appropriate employees for each essential role so you can build your crisis management team ahead of time. You will need employees who can respond physically to an emergency and others who can develop and deliver information and messages. Both are important.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications consultants know that a crisis communications plan has little value if employees have never attempted to put it into play. Our issues management and media damage control team will run through numerous emergency scenarios with your staff so you are better prepared to address such a scenario, should it occur in real life. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Crisis communications plans are of little value if they are not regularly updated and practiced so that everyone understands the responsibilities of their role.


Red Banyan’s public relations experts have decades of hands-on experience in high stakes crisis communications. We can respond to crises quickly and confidently, so you avoid any adverse effects. Our crisis PR team will help your business handle every emergency and the ensuing fallout with professionalism and speed so you can keep your business viable and successful.

With our seasoned PR consultants on your team, you will be in a better position to reduce the length and severity of any crisis-related issues. Red Banyan’s specialization in crisis management will make it easier for your company to return to business-as-usual. Our pro-active approach to crisis management will put your organization in a place of confidence.


Red Banyan’s crisis PR agency can spring into action if negative news about your business surges out of control and goes viral. Because social media is so volatile, a social media policy is essential for your company’s survival. If your business does not have one, Red Banyan’s media crisis specialists will outline a social media policy that will provide direction in times of need.

Red Banyan’s social media experts will teach you how to keep tabs on what is being posted online about your organization and show you how to respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Our social media professionals will also teach your staff how to create online content that will promote a positive image and drive the kind of results you desire.


An effective crisis communications plan is built around a core message that summarizes your organization’s values, culture and operations. If your company does not have an established “core message,” then Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts will work with your staff to write one. Your crisis communications plan should also outline the names and responsibilities of all key crisis plan players, so everyone knows ahead of time what their role is when an emergency occurs.

Red Banyan’s media training experts will also teach your team members how to work with the press, coach them on interviewing techniques and conduct mock on-camera interviews so they become comfortable conducting live stand up interviews.


Planning and preparation are key to crisis communications best practices. They are the foundation of any crisis PR plan and require time and thought to be effective. Red Banyan’s crisis communications PR consultants will outline a custom crisis management plan for your organization by considering all the unique qualities of your business. We know that crisis management is not a one-size-fits-all kind of business. What works for one company may not work for another.

Our issues management and damage control experts will make sure your organization is prepared to handle everything from the mild to the wild. We will set up a to-do list for your staff, so you have it when an emergency occurs. We will make sure you are prepared at all times so that consumer confidence in your brand is never shaken.


Organizations that find themselves in hot water with the media need to realize that lying is harmful and useful information promotes good will. Red Banyan’s crisis management professionals will make sure you have a media outreach plan in place that outlines how you will deal with the media when an emergency occurs and names a media liaison to handle press questions.

Our crisis PR team will review your media policy if you have one and create one if you need one. We will also draw upon our extensive list of media contacts so you can push out your messages quickly if you need to share them with the media in an emergency.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts can shift the crisis communications equation in your favor with our decades of experience, results-driven planning and media relations expertise.