While some public relations strategies will always hold up, PR strategies in 2022 will use more visuals, rely on better storytelling and more crisis PR expertise.

In fact, knowing how to turn the tables in a virtual fight can prove to be game changer when it comes to saving online reputations. In addition, crisis PR experts and a working knowledge of media relations will be in demand more than ever when it comes to seeking earned media and responding to online attacks.

Here are 6 public relations trends to watch for in 2022:

Media relations expertise 

Knowing how to deal with the media and pitch ideas will be more important – and more challenging – than ever as newspapers continue their downward spiral leaving fewer outlets available for publishing. 

Staffers with journalism backgrounds will be more valuable than ever because of their expertise dealing with reporters. Knowing how to pitch ideas so they appeal to the media will be a coveted skill, with fewer reporters working in the field as the industry continues to shrink.

Straightforward content

Direct content has value: Don’t beat around the bush. Make sure your content is direct and to the point. Let readers know up front what you have to offer instead of dragging the narrative out with paragraphs of irrelevant information. Search engines rate direct, relevant content higher than vague and lengthy narratives. Provide consumers with relevant data and other details up front so the value is clear.

Engaging narratives

Storytelling will remain an important way to connect with consumers. Use it to highlight the unique ways your product or services fills specific needs.

Storytelling is a humanistic way to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. Use it to show why your brand is relevant and how it best serves your target audience.

Embedded video

Use videos and photos to promote your brand, highlight its strengths, tell stories and drum up attention on social media. Make videos part of your company website, use video in promotional campaigns and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

House the videos on your own platform so when non-owned platforms fail, your brand’s content will remain online, centered on your target audience’s needs.

Crisis Expertise

Knowing what to do when an online attack spirals out of control is essential as the power of social media continues to grow. The need for crisis PR consulting will continue to grow as internet trolls continue to form online gangs that promote “cancel culture” in efforts to destroy hard-won reputations that can be difficult to repair.

If you are looking for experts in crisis communications or strategic PR, find an agency that is composed of former journalists with decades of experience in crisis PR, media relations and social media.

Reputation Rehabilitation

Protecting your brand’s good name is essential if you want to stay in business, but bad reviews or online trolls can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. PR agencies that specialize in reputation repair will be in high demand as companies scramble to spruce up their online profiles and respond to consumer reviews that are not always favorable.

Customers do not like to be ignored so it is important to address consumer concerns in a timely manner. If an online dispute gets dicey, reputation repair experts can take the conversation offline if necessary to find a solution. 

Red Banyan is a crisis communications agency with a staff of skilled crisis management experts who have the talent and know-how to solve problems fast. Our seasoned PR staff can assess your needs quickly and come up with a comprehensive plan that will ensure that you are ready for any scenario, no matter how challenging. 

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