This week Inc. Magazine published its roundup of the biggest business scandals of 2015. Spanning a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical and finance to oil and auto-manufacturing, companies of all sizes found themselves battling the uncertainties of crises throughout the year. 

What this diverse list shows is that no company – big or small – is immune to a variety of reputational challenges threatening to jeopardize financial stability or even an organization’s very existence. Each of these challenges requires a strategic and well-calibrated communications response to help avoid panic and foster understanding and trust between the company and its stakeholders.   

Research indicates that most companies are under-prepared to handle serious crises. It is important for businesses to be proactive and put the necessary communications protocols in place before a crisis occurs. However, once the inevitable happens, it is crucial to seek out experienced crisis communications counsel to guide the company through stormy weather. 

As Red Banyan Group turns the page on another productive year, we look forward to continuing to help companies avoid and navigate their challenges in 2016.