Tailoring content to provide value is what content marketing is all about. PR companies like Red Banyan that specialize in media relations create interesting, useful original content that attracts customers, stirs press interest or simply turns heads. The result engages a brand’s target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Today, success in public relations requires an altered, strategic approach to capturing the public’s attention and holding it in order to leverage owned, shared and earned media. The power of original content is the driving force behind content marketing.

Bloggers are everywhere. Social media influencers with huge followings wield enormous power, and mobile devices have changed the playing field completely. Traditional publications like newspapers and magazines are no longer the gatekeepers of news, or even the primary authority source for consumers.

Individual brands, publishers and even consumers are pushing out their own original content because technology has provided companies and everyday people with the tools to get their own news out themselves. It has drastically changed the way people discover, process and share information. Strategic communications have become essential in the changing communications landscape.

Many influencers are able to engage even greater audiences than many long-established newspapers. Being able to identify and foster relationships with these niche influencers can be easier than breaking into traditional media sources and is extremely effective in building relationships with your target audiences.

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Many brands have taken the processes of creation, advertising and publishing of content into their own hands, bypassing traditional outlets altogether in some cases.

Red Banyan’s PR professionals have the skills, experience and expertise to take your content marketing to the next level. Our PR team, which includes former journalists, has established contacts with the media and know what it takes to get your message to the appropriate target audience.

Adapting to the new media landscape and continuously adjusting your PR efforts will allow you to effectively utilize paid, earned and shared media. Content marketing is an essential element of modern public relations, and companies must learn how to take advantage of it or be left behind.

Our team of content marketers can help you create targeted content that will attract new leads and new business. Content marketing also positions your company as a thought leader, which lends credibility and relevance to your brand.

Content marketing also plays an important role when it comes to search engine optimization, which determines your chances of showing up in internet searches. By creating interesting and quality content related to your business, your chances of being discovered online by content searchers increase dramatically.

Quality online content can also help businesses attract top talent. Workers who discover compelling content online are more likely to show interest working for a company that offers relevant and engaging content.

Red Banyan specializes in crisis PR and traditional public relations with an emphasis on media outreach, social media, reputation rehabilitation and “cancel culture.”