Red Banyan’s team of PR and crisis management experts use their media savvy and communications skills to assist clients in a variety of ways, but their goals are different: PR experts build up people and promote events while crisis consultants manage social media meltdowns and restore tarnished reputations.

The simple way to explain the difference is that traditional public relations help build an organization or person’s reputation, whereas crisis PR pros are obsessed with protecting it. Here are six ways the mission of our crisis communications professionals is different than that of our PR consultants.

  • A crisis PR manager is always conscious of any vulnerabilities in the client’s public image. As a result, he or she needs to take a much more thorough approach to all media engagements. Crisis PR consultants also work with clients to make sure they are prepared to handle any challenging questions that could come their way.
  • Crisis communications experts try to help their clients navigate around public crises by avoiding them in the first place.
  • Crisis consultants help companies, organizations, and even public figures audit their operations and identify areas of concern that could become public controversies in advance.
  • A crisis communications team makes sure executives and public figures understand  how crises develop, and how to prevent them from spreading.
  • Crisis PR firms know that news outlets often view PR disasters as clickbait to get page views. This philosophy can be detrimental to clients, so crisis communications experts work to control the narrative before the media puts their own spin on it.
  • Crisis communications professionals know how to lower the temperature when a crisis occurs, so news organizations don’t pick up the story and increase the damaging effects exponentially. Because communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms allow more people than ever before to share their voice with the public, crisis communications experts must often step in to prevent social media meltdown from growing into damaging scandals.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts have specialized skills to address social media meltdowns and online reputation repair. We are available at a moment’s notice to protect your organization’s good name.