Red Banyan Founder and CEO Evan Nierman was the featured guest on a recent DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Show, where he explained why it is so important to have a crisis management team on your side and shared some tricks of the trade.

“Now is a time in history that is unique. And there has never been a time where you’re seeing more crises happening in a short time period and with devastating consequences,” said Nierman.

Nierman had been telling people for years that crises are inevitable, but he was dismissed as an alarmist. 2020 proved his critics wrong.

When asked what the most common crisis situations are currently, Nierman noted that many people are caught on video acting inappropriately. Additionally, individuals struggle to stop the tide of sweeping waves of misinformation spreading about them online. Cancel culture straddles the line between the two trends, creating the perfect storm.

Red Banyan helps clients prepare for and manage crises when they appear. In the interview, Nierman walked through the process of helping clients deal with what is often one of the most vulnerable situations of their life. He explained that as a crisis practitioner, being empathetic and having a high EQ is of paramount importance. 

At the same time, those who try to manage their own crisis are often too close to it, which can hamper their judgment. One of the largest benefits of bringing a crisis expert onboard is getting an outside perspective that is removed yet understanding. Additionally, crisis managers learn through experience and draw upon techniques that have worked in the past. It is this finely-honed expertise that makes having a crisis communications team on your side so invaluable.

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