Amazing, groundbreaking new products are released every single day. So why do some become household names while others fall flat? Good storytelling is one major reason.

Without a powerful narrative, even a revolutionary new company will have a difficult time developing a following. Statistics and insider business-speak may be great for status meetings, but they don’t engage prospective customers or build a memorable brand image.

The reason storytelling is so powerful is that it connects businesses with the feelings, needs and passions of the key constituencies they are trying to reach. A good narrative makes the listener feel a part of the story. It helps audiences empathize with the story’s characters or directly envision themselves using the product being described, until they are doing so without a second thought.

Creating a strong company story is also essential to securing earned media, another key element of public relations. Reporters don’t typically write articles simply discussing a brand, nor is it their job to simply provide free advertising to a company.  Businesses can script their messages in other ways, including advertising and website content.

What the press wants to do is report news, and the journalists who serve as an important conduit to potential customers require newsworthy stories.  Companies must show, and not just tell, reporters all the reasons why their business is unique, dynamic and interesting enough to deserve media coverage.

In today’s world of information overload, defining a brand with a great story is both more difficult and more critical than ever. Red Banyan Group helps organizations identify their most compelling strengths to create memorable stories that effectively engage investors, customers and the press.