Red Banyan Florida Holocaust Museum Graffiti

What would you do if your organization or business was targeted by a social media attack, smear campaign or something even more damaging?

After someone spray-painted swastikas and racially charged words on an exterior wall of The Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, museum officials turned to Red Banyan for help.

Red Banyan is a global crisis management agency that specializes in crisis PR, reputation repair and media management.

The museum needed guidance on how to respond to the offensive, black-painted scrawls which were labeled by police as a hate crime. Although the offensive graffiti was quickly painted over, the impact of what the vandalism signified was ominous.

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That the ADL had recently announced a “drastic surge in anti-Jewish hate” in the United States made the anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painting even more worrisome.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR and media relations specialists ensured this awful event was picked up by Jewish news outlets across the country, as well as the national mainstream media. Our team of former reporters recognized the far-reaching impact of this racially charged act and brought it to the attention of the press and the public.

Turning a Hateful Act Into a Positive Community Gathering

Our crisis management experts immediately formulated a PR strategy to turn this hateful act into something positive and ultimately beneficial for the community. The result was a “Unite Against Hate” community gathering that was attended by people of various races, religions and political beliefs. The purpose was the celebrate education and take a stand against ignorance.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR team also helped The Florida Holocaust Museum secure support from the White House, which sent a powerful letter that was read aloud at the event by the Museum’s executive director.

Red Banyan worked hand-in-hand with the museum’s in-house professional team to spur the community to action. Together, we created digital advertisements to help support the critical work of the museum in a move that turned activists into supporters and donors.

The end result was bringing people together and creating a unique gathering of allies who rallied behind the museum and raised its profile.

Red Banyan’s extensive crisis management expertise helped the Museum use this ugly affair as an opportunity to raise funds and support from a broad cross-section of the community.

Red Banyan’s team of global PR professionals is uniquely positioned to react to crises quickly and come up with tailored PR strategies that communicate the messages your organization wants to share and help you recover from negative events.

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