Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman was recently interviewed for the President Experience Podcast to discuss the importance of crisis management as a workplace initiative.

He shared his knowledge with host Kiné Corder on how businesses can respond to crises ranging from an international pandemic to pesky social media trolls.

In the interview, Evan shares his experience on leading a team focused on crisis management and discusses the requirements and complexities of working with crisis clients. He also shares his insights on how CEOs and business owners can handle stress in times of crisis.

“It’s very difficult to make rational, smart, strategic decisions when you’re in the midst of the crisis,” Evan stated. “And that’s why it’s so valuable to bring in someone who is a dispassionate outsider who can step in, keep a cool head and has the experience of having guided other people through similar circumstances and not, in the pressure of the moment, relying on yourself to make rational decisions.

Click here to listen to the interview and learn more about Evan’s approach to crisis and leadership.