Politicians and celebrities seem to get passes every day for reprehensible behavior. Is it a reflection of a “shameless” society? Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman discusses this troubling dynamic in a recent article in The Hill entitled “Shameless Politicians Reflect a Shameless Society.”

In the article, Evan notes how politicians and celebrities get passes for bad behavior that give them a boost in the public eye.

Lies that were once career-ending barely gin up interest, he notes in the article.

“A number of Members of Congress actually spend more time on social media stoking outrage than working on substantive issues important to their constituencies. It’s happening across both parties, and you see it all day, every day,” Evan points out in the article. “What’s most alarming is that our politicians are a symptom of a societal problem. They are a reflection, a mirror held up to American society. What we see should terrify us.”

The article notes that the politicians who say the craziest things or act the most outrageously garner the most media coverage, which lends credibility.

His conclusion: we will continue to get more of the same unless we ignore these antics.

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