Gina Carano is responsible for derailing her acting career with an offensive Instagram post this week, after placing herself in the crosshairs of critics who were offended by her activities on social media.  The actress and former MMA fighter who played the no-nonsense mercenary in the Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian on Disney+, is now looking for work after being dropped by Lucas Film and her talent agency.

Carano’s actions set her up to become a self-inflicted victim of “cancel culture,” explained crisis management expert and Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman. 

Carano was recently dropped after she compared the experience of Jewish people during the Holocaust to being a conservative in America today. Interestingly, her fans are blaming cancel culture for Carano’s downfall and now calling for people to cancel Disney+, the streaming service on which The Mandalorian appears.

“This is truly a fascinating case. She chose to wade into risky topics and agitated and upset people online by choosing to post about some of the most sensitive topics possible,” Evan pointed out. Carano had previously been called out for derogatory online comments about mask wearing, transgender issues and the 2020 election results, but somehow managed to soldier on. She wasn’t #canceled until her most recent reference to the genocide perpetrated during the Holocaust led swiftly to her removal.

“Nobody should be less surprised than Carano that her career has been deeply damaged. The incredible thing is the degree to which she did this to herself,” Evan said. “A matador waving a red cape in front a bull should expect to be gored.”