Lawyers litigating cases (both civil and criminal) often make the determination that they would rather not speak with the media. This decision is sometimes based on an overall distrust of reporters, and other times predicated upon the idea that talking with a journalist can run counter to their client’s best interests and potentially jeopardize the lawyer’s case. However, utilizing litigation support and legal public relations strategies can often help attorneys win not just in court, but also in the court of public opinion.

Top Florida PR firm Red Banyan Group focuses much of its practice on crisis PR and legal public relations. In recent weeks, our respected Florida public relations agency has achieved remarkable results for a legal client, illustrating the power of effective legal PR.

In this specific example, Red Banyan Group’s client (a Florida law firm) was representing victims of a Ponzi scheme who were brazenly targeted at church by a self-professed “minister.” During the past number of months, the law firm has succeeded in drawing national attention to the plight of its victims. As word has spread in the media, dozens of other victims from around the country who were also defrauded have reached out to the law firm in order to provide additional information and to request the opportunity to join a class-action lawsuit filed against the perpetrators of the fraud.

By publicly exposing the Ponzi operator’s behavior, and letting the public know that there is help available to the victims, the law firm has succeeded in raising public awareness and promoting other plaintiffs to come forward. Tying their public relations strategy closely to their legal strategy is producing a synergy that is empowering the law firm to achieve its objectives, especially aiding its clients.

Red Banyan Group’s work with attorneys illustrates the remarkable results that can be achieved by combining public relations and the law.

The press can be a powerful conduit not just for reaching the public, but also for pursuing justice.