Is a picture really worth a thousand words? If you’re aiming for increased visibility, the answer is “yes.”

Quality infographics –visuals — will help a company increase its visibility and drive more traffic to its website, resulting in a jump in business.

Good graphic design will help a business get noticed which can lead to increased sales. Attractive visuals communicate ideas more effectively, resulting in higher visibility and enhanced credibility which all drive traffic to your brand.

Studies show that the human brain can process a picture in 13 milliseconds before the next image is seen. This is proof that visuals can attract and hold the interest of viewers. In fact, visuals communicate ideas faster and easier than words alone.

Graphics inform, engage and persuade. Infographics are especially effective to simplify complicated information and make it more understandable. Infographics make content more sharable because it is easier to understand.

Using graphics and text is the most effective way to share a message or tell a story. Each medium enhances the other. Customers who make quick decisions to buy often do so based on appearance or packaging.

Graphic design elements like color scheme and font set the stage for your overall message.

5 Ways Graphic Design Matters

  1. Boosts Brand Identity and Name Recognition: A well-designed logo can establish an immediate connection between your brand and the services you offer.
  2. Build’s a Brand’s Visual Identity: A quality logo and memorable color combinations establish brand identity and build recognition.
  3. Separates You from Crowd: Standing out from your competitors is key to establishing a unique identify and brand.
  4. Improves Readability of Text: Inserting visually appealing graphics into large copy blocks increases readability and keeps your content interesting
  5. Tells a Story: Stories that are told with pictures and words have a greater impact than those told only with text. Visuals also make the content more memorable.

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