Our role at Red Banyan is to uncover the truth for our clients, then fight for them by pressing the truth. Here’s what we mean:

Whether your organization is looking to be the story, or bury the story, there is a clear difference between a reactive communications strategy and a proactive communications strategy. Being reactive means you acknowledge the facts. Being proactive means taking control of the narrative so you can influence the story or press the truth.

If you want to successfully navigate a crisis, have a crisis plan in place before you need one. The crisis communications experts at Red Banyan can help if your problems begin to spiral out of control.

Here are three tips to help you get through a crisis:

  1. Do not be passive. In a crisis, you cannot afford to sit around. If you do not take control of public perception, someone else will. Tell your own story. Get help if you need it. Take charge.
  2. Press the truth by telling your story your way and telling it first. Be in control of your own messaging. Only you have all the facts. Share your narrative before the news media publishes their own version.
  3. Defend your reputation. It took years to build it so fight hard to preserve it. Hire Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts so you can make sure your story is heard. Use social media platforms and blogs to press the truth and respond to online comments. Leave nothing to chance.

Life is full of the unexpected, so it is important to know where to turn when you have an emergency. Red Banyan’s crisis communications and PR experts are ready to help at a moment’s notice so you can protect your reputation and move forward with the best result possible.