In today’s interconnected world information travels faster than ever before. Businesses and organizations hit with lawsuits often find themselves at the center of news headlines in a matter of hours. Such publicity can have a significant negative impact on an organization’s reputation and financial stability. This is why effective communication with the public and media is so crucial throughout the litigation process.

Litigation PR specialists work with companies and their legal teams to build comprehensive communications strategies that would help protect their reputations and ensure that their side of the story is heard.

Depending on the type of lawsuit and company needs, litigation PR can follow one of the following three strategies:

  1. Pre-emptive PR

This strategy is usually executed when it is known in advance that a particular litigation is likely to negatively affect a client’s reputation. As its name suggests, pre-emptive litigation PR focuses on preventing a crisis from developing in the media. This is often achieved by engaging the public and the media through written statements, interviews and press conferences to ensure that the client’s motives and sympathy for the affected party are seen as reasonable and sincere.

  1. Proactive PR

Proactive litigation PR focuses on attracting media and public attention to a particular case. This strategy often allows clients to generate public support and puts pressure on their opponents to come to a quicker resolution.

  1. Reactive PR

In this case, litigation PR teams are called upon to help clients react when their legal battle receives widespread media coverage. Such situations require swift and strategic actions to help clients take control of the narrative and effectively communicate their point of view.

Whether responding to a lawsuit or preparing a legal action of their own, litigation PR helps companies and individuals, protecting their interests and reputations when the stakes are at their highest. If you need litigation PR support from a reputable communications firm, call Red Banyan Group at 954-379-2115.