If you’ve never told a story while TV cameras roll or spoken with reporters face-to-face, you might find it intimidating to conduct an interview with the press. It’s easy to become tongue-tied, lose your focus or forget the key points you wanted to convey. Lack of preparation can result in someone else controlling the narrative and telling the story they want to tell it.

Here’s where Red Banyan can help.  Our team of communications experts – which include former journalists and on-air reporters – have created three new Media Prep and Training offers that will prepare you for on-camera and print media interviews as well as guest appearances on popular podcasts and specialized training for organization spokespersons. We will  provide you with best practices and personalized training that includes conducting mock interviews.

Why Media Training Matters

Media training, when done correctly, teaches and prepares you how to anticipate difficult questions, how to frame core messages, and how to share stories in ways that are interesting and informative. Knowing how to redirect the narrative when it is heading in a direction you do not want it to go is also an essential skill.

Preparation for live interviews can greatly reduce your chances of saying the wrong thing, failing to articulate key points and appearing unprepared. Red Banyan’s tailored prep and training modules range from basic media interview preparation to more comprehensive training for organizations. Red Banyan also offers specialized training for designated spokespersons. All three levels of Media Prep & Training include hands-on sessions with Red Banyan media outreach experts.

Our team of media relations experts will make sure you are ready to communicate your message effectively.

Our 3 Media Prep & Training Packages 

Red Banyan offers three distinct Media Prep and Training packages, each tailored with a unique focus, to ensure that your organization is media ready. 

Our “Media Rapid Response Prep” training is designed for those individuals facing media interviews in the near future and are in need of specific coaching on how to create talking points and control the narrative as well as preparation and rehearsal for live interviews. Our training ensures that you understand the interview topic, are familiar with the media outlet conducting the interview and know how to develop key messaging to frame the conversation and control the narrative.  We ensure success by conducting mock on-camera interviews and critiquing the results afterwards. Our team also conducts a post event follow up session to provide additional support and coaching. 

Our “Media Prep & Training For Groups” is designed for organizations that want to be proactive and train multiple people in their organization to be media ready when the need arises.  We start with discovery and then develop messaging and positioning. Our team conducts mock interviews with each person in the group, and provides suggestions for improvement to help participants gain confidence and better articulate the key storytelling points.

Our “Media Prep & Training For A Spokesperson” is designed to provide comprehensive one-on-one preparation and training for a company spokesperson, investor relations liaison and/or CEO.  The modules for this offering include situation discovery, ways to handle both positive and negative press as well as messaging and positioning of key story points. We also do mock interviews on camera and then provide constructive feedback and tips for improvement.  In addition, our team also creates a Media Prep checklist for your organization to ensure the appropriate process is followed when a media inquiry comes in.

Red Banyan’s new Media Prep & Training packages will teach you how to better prepare for print and television media interviews and also provide useful tips for podcast hosting.  Our mock interview preparation will teach you how to be an active listener and how to be mindful of your body language, such as making eye contact with the interviewer and audience. 

Spokesperson training matters because funneling information through a single source is often the most effective way to monitor information flow and make sure that what gets out is accurate and current during an emergency. Red Banyan’s team of media relations experts can also help you choose the right person for the job.

Preparation is the key to success. Don’t get caught unawares when the media comes knocking. Red Banyan’s expert media training will ensure that you are ready to conduct live interviews, field questions and keep the conversation focused on the topic. Learn more about Red Banyan’s Media Training Preparation and our media relations expertise here.