In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, a reporter observed that whether you are giving an interview or delivering a presentation, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with someone who constantly interrupts you. Seeking expert advice on how to handle such a situation in a manner that effectively gets your point across, he posed the question to Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman.

Nierman’s advice was to stay focused:

“Increase your cadence and stick to your main arguments, keeping your statements as punchy and quotable as possible. Speak in the style of soundbites while avoiding long-winded explanations and ensure that you are projecting your voice. Think 15-second TV rapid-fire response, as opposed to a lengthy academic lecture. Resist your natural desire to answer or address what the person is interjecting; this takes you away from your key points and onto less important tangents. Employ body language to show them you intend to have your say, such as holding up your hand or a single index finger to signal you’re not finished. Perhaps most importantly, maintain composure and don’t lose your temper.”

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