Do you know what to do when the online buzz about your brand gets ugly? Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman, a global crisis PR expert, knows how important quick action can be.

To avoid a reputation crisis, you need to get ahead of online mobs and counteract any negative narratives with immediate action. Evan talks about why this is so important in a Fast Company article entitled, “Reputation rehab: When do you need help from the pros?”

Do you have the bandwidth to monitor online channels for an online uproar and then take corrective action to get ahead of the game?

Evan notes that it is critical for companies to know what is being said about their businesses at all times because the fallout can be fast and furious.

Creating new content that shapes your brand favorably and highlights your organization in a positive light is key to overcoming an online reputation crisis. Evan offers tips for doing so in the article.

Read the entire Fast Company article here.