career fair

Evan Nierman, Founder and Principal of Red Banyan Group, appeared as a featured speaker at the Student Career Fair last night at Miami Dade College. The renowned communications expert talked about the current business climate in South Florida and gave important advice on what graduates should seek in their first professional positions.

While discussing South Florida’s entrepreneurial environment, Nierman noted that the region is rapidly becoming a hotbed for information technology and tech-savvy start-ups. And as Florida continues to attract more business to the region, its job market becomes more and more competitive for companies looking to retain qualified graduates. Such a favorable business environment provides plentiful opportunities for young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs kick-starting their careers.

As the founder of a leading strategic communications agency, Nierman also highlighted Red Banyan Group’s unique approach to identifying and recruiting top talent. Assembling the right team of professionals is crucial for the success and growth of any enterprise. This is why Red Banyan Group exercises a highly selective approach to hiring. Each senior member of the agency is personally involved in identifying and recruiting potential candidates for open positions. To ensure the right fit, Red Banyan Group measures each candidate against its five core values: Results, Integrity, Commitment/Can-Do-Attitude, Accountability and Speed.

Nierman advised students and recent graduates to only pursue those jobs and career paths they are passionate about. To be successful at your job, it is important to believe and enjoy what you do and to look for a job that really motivates you and speaks to your values. After all, it’s not your paycheck, but the ability to look back at your day and be proud of what you’ve accomplished that will make you truly happy.