Artificial intelligence. The possibilities seem endless but practical use of this sophisticated new technology has only begun to evolve. New applications are cropping up daily but how widely this new technology is being used in the workplace is a bit of a mystery.

A recent Muckrack survey of 1,034 public relations professionals showed that 61 percent of those surveyed are currently using AI at work in some capacity, while only 15 percent showed no interest at all in using it on the job. Moreover, 38 percent of those using AI at work are C-suite executives and are using the new technology at a higher rate than those in lesser positions.

According to the study, the top 3 ways PR professionals are using AI include:

  • Crafting pitches
  • Writing social media copy
  • Press releases

The study also showed that employees at companies with 500 or fewer employees are more likely to be using AI on the job than those with more employees. The biggest concern? That ai-generated content would be used without first being reviewed carefully, lowering the overall quality of the end product.

Here is a breakdown of the survey results:

  • Brands are more likely to use AI to craft pitches.  In fact, 72 percent of respondents at brands said they use AI for pitching, compared to 55 percent of respondents at agencies.
  • More than half of PR pros are concerned about the use of unscrutinized AI-generated content, the impact on younger or newer PR pros and clients thinking content creators can be replaced by AI.
  • Given a wish list of future possible AI uses, list-building and researching ranked the highest, followed by monitoring and measuring, writing, reporting, pitching and strategy and planning.
  • In the writing category, 61 percent of brand respondents said they want to use AI for writing compared to 49 percent of agency employees.
  • Concerns about the use of AI are similar among AI-users: That audiences will become overwhelmed by the use of AI with 62 percent worried about the use of unscrutinized content, 60 percent concerned that young PR professionals will become too reliant on tools, and 40 percent worry that with so much auto-generated content available it will be hard to stand out.
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