Everyone will experience a crisis at some point in their life, but whether you survive or thrive depends on how you react. Here’s the good news: the outcome is not purely based on chance. If you dare to prepare, the odds of coming out on top improve. 

Here are a few tips from Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts to help guide you through stormy waters.

  • Expect the unexpected and plan ahead: Take time in advance to create a crisis plan so that when it starts to rain you are ready for a flood. Map out the steps your organization will need to take to stay afloat.
  • Don’t wait to act. It’s sink or swim. Time is of the essence.
  • Tell the Truth: If you spring a leak, admit there is a problem.  Address all issues head-on and press the truth. Red Banyan pioneered this concept, which means being actively engaged in ensuring that your story gets out to those who matter most. 
  • Own Your Situation: Take charge so you can keep your head above water. Put PR to work for you by being accountable. Pledge to take the steps and walk the talk.
  • Share with Care and Post with Purpose: Control the narrative and be mindful of what you say online for smoother sailing. Follow these cardinal rules when it comes to your social media and external PR.  Be selective and strategic about what you put out in the world. 
  • Protect Your Reputation: Red Banyan’s experienced crisis management team and reputation repair professionals will help you weather the storm with little damage. Protect your reputation with customers and the public by preserving your brand equity.