When it comes to business strategies, content marketing is one of the newest buzzwords, but do you know how to put it into practice, so it works for your business or organization? 

By definition, content marketing is a marketing strategy to “attract, engage and retain an audience by sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.” These actions portray your business as an expert and add value with interesting, relevant, and credible content.

And expertise attracts attention. If the content you produce has value, you can increase traffic to your website and potentially increase sales and revenues. If the stories your company tells are intriguing, you may connect with potential clients who would otherwise have been out of reach.

If your goal is to get your company’s brand name out there, content postings can help you traverse that path. Interested in becoming a go-to source for information on a certain topic? Post regularly about that topic and highlight new information or new angles. Make sure your name is always associated with quality content and you will have taken the first steps to establish your credibility as a thought leader.

According to the State of Inbound report, video is the primary form of content marketing media that was created in 2021, followed by blogs and infographics. The report, which surveyed more than 1,500 marketers around the world, states that 28 percent of respondents planned on newly investing in content marketing in 2021, up 17 percent from 2020.

The report further stated that social media was the No. 1 channel used in content creation marketing in 2021. In addition, eight in 10 companies invested in social media marketing in 2021, with another 39 percent planning to do so this year.

Quality content helps to build interest in your brand, so you can claim a larger share of the market.

Here are 5 tips to improve your content marketing game:

  1. Include a call to action. Calls to action, or CTAs, provide added value because they directly ask customers to do something – make a call, send an email or fill out a survey. They encourage consumers to get involved in your business.
  2. Target specific keywords. Choose keywords relevant to your brand and produce content around those keywords, The practice makes it more likely your brand will turn up in a keyword search about that topic.
  3. Create purposeful content. Does your content provide a solution to someone’s problem or answer a question? If you produce content that is beneficial instead of just entertaining, your brand is more likely to become a go-to source for help and expertise.
  4. Know your audience. Write for your target audience. Producing content that is overly broad or too generic will not move your brand forward. Create content that will attract the attention of the people you are specifically trying to reach. 
  5. Educate. Use your content to educate your target audience. Demonstrate that your content is credible and reliable by linking to original sources to establish authority. Become a go-to source for information on specific topics related to your brand and elevate your organization’s voice as a thought leader.

Content marketing done right can elevate your brand, establish your company as an authority and help generate new sales and revenue. Promoting your brand through storytelling is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Unsure how to proceed? Reach out to the content marketing specialists at Red 
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