With online video content quickly becoming the go-to source of information and entertainment for modern consumers, it is easy to see why many businesses are now including this media format in their PR strategy. To help you get your branded video content strategy off the ground, the Red Banyan team came up with a few basic tips worth following when brainstorming new video ideas:

  1. Be concise.

Nobody wants to spend thirty minutes just to get an answer to their question or quench their curiosity about a new product or service. In addition, statistical research shows that shorter videos tend to generate more views. So, when preparing a script for your next video, try to condense it to the most important points that will be useful and interesting to your audience. Keeping your videos under 5 minutes will help you generate better engagement and increase viewership.

  1. Re-purpose existing content.

When searching for new video ideas, feel free to re-use written content you had created in the past. These can be press releases, articles, Power Point presentations or blogs that are still relevant and may be interesting to your audience. Disseminating your branded content in a variety of different ways will increase your reach and give greater exposure to your brand.

  1. Share across different platforms.

Having recorded a new video, don’t forget to share it across your social media. In addition to creating a dedicated YouTube channel, consider also embedding your videos on your website.

  1. Create a schedule.

Once you map out your video content strategy, try to remain consistent in generating new material. Uploading new videos on a consistent basis will help convert random viewers into followers who will regularly come back to your channel or website for more updates.