Over the past decade, social media has managed to completely permeate our lives. For many people social media platforms have become the go-to source for both entertainment and getting updated on the latest news and developments in their communities and the world.

Consequently, businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries are increasingly using social media to engage and communicate with their audiences.

However, producing engaging content specifically for social media isn’t as easy as it might seem. To make sure your social media content stands out and resonates with your audience, consider following these simple guidelines:

  1. Be conversational

Social media is meant to connect people on a personal level. Writing in a conversational tone will allow you or your company to be more relatable, and your posts – more engaging.

  1. Offer an original perspective

Needless to say, when writing for social media, you compete with thousands of other voices trying to reach the same audience. Offering an original point of view will make your post stand out and attract more readers.

  1. Think outside the office

Don’t make your company or organization the center of all your social media content. Try to provide a larger perspective on what is happening in your industry or other areas of interest.

  1. Consider the channel

Every social media platform is different and requires a different approach. When crafting content, make sure to consider various technicalities, including character limitations, as well as the ability to use hashtags, visuals, links, etc.

  1. Use visuals

Visuals are like bacon – they make everything better. And that includes your social media content.

  1. Be topical

Social media never stops following the latest news and developments around the world – and neither should you. Follow the current interests of your audience, monitor trending topics and insert your voice accordingly.

  1. Be informative

Besides being entertaining, make sure your audience has a chance to learn something new from your content. Supplementing your writing with facts will help you become a trusted source of information for your followers and keep them coming back to your social media pages for more great content.