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Red Banyan’s team of PR experts were recently involved in a case in Portland involving a local organization that got caught up in an internal conflict over the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. In this instance, the employees of the Portland-based business didn’t feel that the company’s management was sufficiently supportive of the BLM movement. The management was unaware its actions had stirred a hornet’s nest. The resulting miscommunication created a problematic rift between employer and employees.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts stepped in to assist with internal communications and were able to improve the organization’s forward-facing image within the local community. Our experienced communications team was well-suited to handle this Portland client. The reason? Our staff is familiar with the city’s unique history of political activism and understands the complexities diverse points of view can pose.

We played a critical role in helping this organization improve its communications with employees, investors and other stakeholders. Red Banyan’s public relations experts helped the company adjust its external communications, so its messaging offered a more positive reflection of the organization’s views and position. The organization’s image, with both employees and community members, improved exponentially.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications team quickly assessed the situation, formulated a cohesive message that would clearly articulate the company’s position, and then pushed that narrative out to essential stakeholders.

Our crisis communications PR agency operates in Portland to handle everything from social media meltdowns to legal PR and speaker and interview preparation. Our team, which includes former reporters, specializes in media relations outreach and strategic communications. We offer a wide range of PR and crisis communications services in Portland to individuals, nonprofits and businesses.

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