How Do I Clean Up My Online Reputation?

These days, an organization is only as good as its online reputation. And when something happens online to mar your personal brands, reputation repair is essential and continuous reputation management is mandatory. Red Banyan’s online reputation management (ORM) service will provide your organization with tips and how-to advice that will bring restoration.

Our ORM experts will guide you in the best practices and show you ways to make sure your online reputation is always where you want it. We will coach you so that you recognize trouble before it catches fire online and help you develop a monitoring strategy that you can use around the clock. The individuals who work at Red Banyan know how to head off problems ahead of time and clean things up when online activity goes south.

Our PR consultants can determine what damaging information is out there and set up alerts so that you always know when new information about your brand is added. We will conduct scheduled searches that seek out negative information that could appear on photo and video sites, blogs, news sources and social media platforms. Any item that raises a question about your company’s brand or reputation can be damaging and needs to be addressed.

Online Reputation Repair Services

Red Banyan’s online reputation experts know that time is of the essence when online reputation is at stake. Our PR consultants and crisis management experts have experience dealing with online crises and can spring into action quickly to get the job done.

Our ORM experts will scope out the damage so they can determine how much trouble your organization is facing, and decide what actions need to take place first. Red Banyan’s online reputation experts will conduct in-depth online searches to pinpoint all negative references and then find constructive ways to bury those references so that they are banished from ranking highly in search engine results. 

One part of that is burying older, destructive content with fresh new content that paints a positive picture and shares a message that aligns with your brand’s reputation. The idea is to create positive content that over time will overtake the prominence of negative content.

If the information is inaccurate, defamatory or libelous, it is sometimes possible to get it removed. The PR reputation experts at Red Banyan know what to do and when to do it. If it is possible to have it removed from the internet, they will do their best to achieve that goal. Their years of experience handling these issues gives them the kind of credibility few public relations agencies or online reputation management firms have. They can guide your organization around pitfalls and teach them how to watch for problems before they spiral out of control.

Reputation Repair for Businesses

The PR and ORM experts at Red Banyan know how important it is to regain control when negative comments are posted online about your company’s brand. Our PR consultants know these comments can translate into lost revenue if consumers react poorly and take action against your brand or choose not to buy from you.

The good news is that our reputation management experts know that creating fresh content that shapes your message favorably and highlights your brand in a positive light is key to being successful. We have the resources and experience to combat negative online reviews and conduct the necessary outreach to correct erroneous information.

Companies love getting good reviews but when the reviews are unfair, negative or damaging, it’s important to have a team of online reputation managers like Red Banyan on-hand to spring into action. Our team of ORM experts will respond to Google and Yelp reviews and address any negative feedback. 

We will also make sure your company secures new reviews in addition to producing new content, further burying outdated negative content and preventing it from surfacing high in search engine organic results. Remember, promoting positive content allows your organization to better yourselves as clear market leaders.

Reputation Defenders

The ORM experts at Red Banyan have an established reputation as savvy media consultants who know how to defend your organization’s reputation. Our PR consultants and reputation defenders know what to look for, what to worry about and whom to contact if too much negativity surfaces online in connection with your brand. We know that even the most vigilant company can’t prevent negative anonymous comments online. We also know that if you don’t address these comments shortly after they appear, they can quickly gain legitimacy and cause long-term harm to your business and your organization.

Let our PR and communications professionals assess your online presence, monitor comments that are posted about your organization and help create new positive content if our audit uncovers a problem. Knowing when and how to react can sometimes be confusing. Our ORM experts have decades of experience monitoring company brands and repairing online reputations if the need arises. We know how to get the best results quickly because we have spent so many years perfecting our process. We know what works and what does not, so we don’t waste your time or resources with efforts likely to fail.

Reputation Restoration

Red Banyan’s ORM professionals know how important it is for your organization to be included in first page search results. But if negative online news about your brand is what’s surfacing, you need professional help fast.

Red Banyan’s PR and reputation consultants can repair damage quickly. Our communications experts create online alerts for your company so you can find out every time your company or brand is mentioned. If the mentions aren’t positive, then we will get to work helping create content that shapes your organization’s brand in a positive way.

We will also help get this message out using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to reach as large an audience as possible. We will also help you create online forums so you can closely monitor what is being posted there.

The key to curing a muddy online reputation is to know what’s being said online, engage with the posters and produce as much positive content with your brand’s message as possible. If you made a mistake, own up to it and find a way to make reparations. Then get back to business and make sure it doesn’t happen again.