What is Media Training?

What is it and why is it necessary? Have you ever been interviewed by the media, served as a media spokesperson, or been asked questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering? Our media training service will help you prepare for the worst so you can shine in any situation while retaining control of the narrative.

Many people are wary of the media because they don’t prepare ahead of time. They don’t understand what makes a good story, nor do they understand what type of questions a reporter might ask or what that reporter might be looking for. Our on-camera media training service will provide the coaching and tips for interviews that will ensure your success and help eliminate the uncertainty you might feel if you suddenly find yourself the focus of an on-camera media interview.

Red Banyan’s media training consultants will walk you through mock interviews so you can experience what a live interview might be like. Our media experts will also help you figure out what direction the interview might go and offer techniques that will assist you in redirecting the conversation if it veers in a direction you don’t like.

Why Red Banyan’s On-Camera Training?

Speaking in front of a camera can be different than speaking live. Every facial expression, hand gesture and verbal expression becomes amplified once it’s captured on video. Were you aware that you constantly clear your throat or twirl your hair when you’re nervous? That continual toe-tapping you unconsciously practice when you’re uneasy is distracting, but you won’t know that unless someone points it out.

Our media training company will zero in on any pertinent issues, coach you through mock interviews, look for pitfalls and then help you work around them. Hand gestures, the loudness or softness of your voice, and whether or not you smile can make a big difference in how you are perceived. Our PR experts can help you achieve success through a winning mix of speech delivery, speech analysis and audience analysis.

Successful speakers tailor their messages so that they resonate with their audiences. Public speaking is not a “one size fits all” sort of thing. Our media training experts will help you assess your audience so you can better decide how to frame your core message and make the impression that you are seeking.

Media Training Best Practices

Red Bayan’s PR consultants have spent years establishing a positive relationship with the media and are proud to have a reputation that is rooted in honesty, integrity and ethics. Our top media relations consultants have decades of experience in media relations, government affairs and crisis management.

Our staff works hard to produce valuable results that make a difference. Our PR experts will coach you to success, so when you have to work with the media, you can do so with confidence and a clear understanding of what they are seeking and what information you can provide so you achieve the best results possible for your organization. Our media training consultants work hard to meet the specific needs of each and every client by addressing every point of concern and outlining a clear scope of work.

We strive to provide invaluable results that will make a difference and take your company to the next level. We also provide electronic media kits and have vast experience creating unique publicity opportunities that showcase our clients in the more favorable light. We will help you determine what angle is most important to your message and guide you through the interview process so that you achieve your goal.

Professional Interview Training

If you’ve never been the subject of a media interview, preparation is essential. Even if you have a great story to tell, you need to anticipate those “gotcha” questions that can sometimes come out of nowhere. Our media training service will go over all possible angles, come up with mock questions, and ask you those questions during mock interviews.

We will teach you how to think more confidently on your feet, and how to redirect an interview if it is heading in a direction that you don’t want. Our crisis PR experts know how important it is to always be honest and will teach you what to say if a question comes up that you are not equipped to answer. Because so many of our media training consultants are former journalists, they know how reporters think and what type of questions they might ask.

Let our media relations experts guide you through the interview process before your organization experiences a crisis, so you will know what to do when an emergency occurs. Avoiding the media is never a good strategy, because when news occurs, the media needs answers. We teach our clients the best way to handle these kinds of situations, so the end result is always a best-case scenario. Preparation is always the key to success.

Preparing for Interviews

Do you know how to speak so that your message captivates and enthralls? Do you know how to grip an audience so they are not bored and tune out? Our media training consultants will teach you how to provide interesting and informative quotes, share tips for the best interview outcomes and instruct you how to reply in ways that will spotlight your company in the best light possible.

Let’s face it: the news is not always good. But as a company spokesperson, you can help shape the narrative so that the angle of the interview is as positive as possible. If the news is negative, own it and then explain how your organization plans to remedy the issue. When a PR crisis or some other major event occurs, it is important to get out a unified message quickly and accurately. If something negative occurs, it is best to get ahead of the game and release your version of events first.

Our PR experts will guide you through this process, so you will know how to proactively deal with the media in a way that will also preserve your organization’s online reputation. Red Banyan’s standard of operation is modern, proactive, assertive and effective. Our extensive on-camera media training will get you noticed, teach you how to better deal with the public and give you the know-how to implement your company’s message across various media channels.