Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently sat in front of Congress for a Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committee hearing, following the company’s recent privacy scandal.

Perhaps affected by the intense interrogation, somehow Zuckerberg left a cheat sheet of the talking points he had prepared for the hearing unattended. It didn’t take long before one of the numerous reporters present at the hearing sneaked a peek into his folder and leaked some of the contents.

Zuckerberg’s notes included guidance on how to respond to a wide variety of questions, from whether he considers Facebook a monopoly, to whether he is planning to fire anyone over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to even questions about his own resignation.

The notes were well thought out and made Zuckerberg prepared to address almost anything that Congress could potentially throw his way. Of course, Zuckerberg may be the CEO of one of the largest and most successful tech companies in the world, but there is a lesson we can all learn from this story.

Being fully prepared for interviews is extremely important, whether you’re being questioned by Congress or speaking with a reporter from a local newspaper.

Whether you are a business owner or a spokesperson, preparing a list of talking points, along with potential questions and answers to them, should be a necessary part of your interview preparation. This is especially true at times when your company or organization is facing a public relations crisis. Then, a single unexpected question can render you defenseless, jeopardizing both your reputation and your business.

So, take this one from Mark himself and make sure you’re well-prepared for your next interview.

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