Following an arrest in Miami last month and a more than 100,000 siganture petition calling for his deportation, Justin Bieber is back in the headlines this week with more unflattering news.
On a flight from Canada to New Jersey, Bieber’s private jet was allegedly so full of marijuana smoke that the pilots had to wear oxygen masks, according to several law enforcement officials. A flight attendant on the plane also reported that Bieber and his father were “extrememly abusive,” focing her to take refuge in the cockpit.
Upon the jet’s landing, it was met by DEA and Customs and Border Patrol. However, members of the flight crew decided not to press charges.
This was the pop star’s third encounter with law enforcement in the past several weeks, as Bieber’s reputation continues to tumble down. While some of his core fan base may remain supportive, the Justin Bieber image management efforts will need to go into overdrive to regain the trust and respect of the general public.