Tips for Interview Preparation

Did you know that going into an interview cold is a sure way to fail? When it comes to interviewing – whether you are the interviewee or interviewer – preparation is the key to success. Red Banyan’s media training services will provide you with a guide to effective interviews, suggest interview preparation strategies and provide you with soup-to-nuts communications training so you can project your core messaging in the most favorable light. Our skilled PR experts can provide tips for media training, a reporter interview checklist and extensive interview preparation. Our media training consultants can help you decide on what angle to pursue, what details to highlight and how to handle unexpected and challenging questions. Did you know that clients who prepare for interviews have greater control of the narrative and have more success steering the conversation the way they want it to go? Let our professionals help you be in control.

Interview Prep and Training

Interview training and media relations best practices will help you shine when it comes to dealing with the media. Our extensive media training will teach you how to retain your focus, stay on track, boost your confidence and give you a better idea of what the media wants and needs. Our media relations professionals will also help you understand what kind of questions to expect, how to anticipate where the interview might go and help you prepare for difficult and challenging questions. When an emergency strikes, it’s easy to feel panicked but when you’re the head of an organization, you have to stay calm, cool and collected. It’s essential to project an air of confidence and knowledge, so your employees and stakeholders don’t lose trust. Red Banyan’s interview preparation training will help guide you through these sometimes bumpy waters and help you emerge with the desired outcome on the other side.

How to Practice and Interview Checklist

Preparing for an interview means practice and preparation. Our specialized interview coaches will teach you the ropes by setting up mock interviews so you have a better idea of what to expect and what questions might come up. Have you ever thought of the angles an interviewer might pursue? Solid preparation could save you embarrassment by getting you to explore a variety of angles you had never considered. We will also teach you public speaking skills to help keep your message heading in the direction that you want. Research background on your interviewer so you have a familiarity ahead of time about where they come from.

It’s also helpful to create an interview preparation checklist ahead of time to make sure you are ready to go when the time arrives. Here are a few suggestions to help the interview process go smoothly:

  • Clarify interview questions. If you’re not completely sure what the interviewer is asking, ask. It is always good to have a clear understanding of the questions.
  • Think out loud. If you don’t automatically know the answer to a question, this sometimes works instead of simply stating that you don’t know. Humble confidence is appealing.
  • Communicate non-verbally. Be mindful of your appearance, your posture, body language and eye contact.
  • Tell an interesting story. The more compelling your tale, the more likely you are to hold your interviewer’s interest.
  • Answer with detail. They say the “devil is in the details” and it’s true.

How Interview Training Consultants Can Help

Don’t go it on your own when interview training preparation is just a phone call away. The communications professionals at Red Banyan will help prepare you for every twist and turn so you will be thoroughly prepared when you have to step up and start talking. Do you get stage fright or clam up when the spotlight shines on you? Our interview preparation exercises will help ensure you get the best result possible with the best professional coaching available. Many of our PR professionals are former journalists who know what interviewers are seeking and can help you prepare accordingly. Because they were journalists at one time, they think like journalists. Let us guide you through this process so you can move forward with confidence and success.

Best Media Training

Our experienced crisis PR professionals work hard to meet the specific needs and requirements of every client with a plan that includes continuous monitoring of news so that we are up-to-date on current events. Our goal is to work quickly to provide first-rate crisis PR management, media relations training and interview coaching to our clients so they have all the tools necessary to achieve the best outcome possible.  We will help your organization develop personalized messaging and tailored responses that encourage the promotion of honesty and transparency to mitigate any possible understandings.

Media Interview Training

Does the media portray your organization in the proper light, or are you unhappy with the online profile your organization currently has? You want to be in control of your organization’s message at all times and our skilled interviewing coaches will teach you how to be in charge. Are you answering questions in a way that promotes your company’s core message, or are you letting the interviewer take charge and steer the conversation? Red Banyan’s PR experts will show you how to own your own message, shape it in the most favorable way and steer you around any pitfalls. Remember, organizations that forego media and interview training may not get the right message out at the right time. Be prepared.

How to Effectively Communicate

Our crisis PR professionals know that a well-planned response to a company PR emergency can make or break an organization’s online reputation. Our skilled consultants will coach you how to handle adverse circumstances successfully, and create a plan that will provide you with a roadmap to guide you through thick and thin. We will prepare you to handle any possible crises, whether it be a devastating hurricane, a social media meltdown or the threat of a worrisome lawsuit. Contact us today at (954) 379-2115 for a free consultation.