Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman recently spoke to Fox News about the increasing threat of “cancel culture”and the damage it can do to businesses and personal reputations. Evan is a recognized authority in high-stakes crisis communications with years of experience handling everything from celebrity and legal PR to traditional public relations. 

“People are quick to be outraged,” Evan told Fox News reporter Mark Meredith in a Feb. 18th special report that aired on Bret Baier’s show Special Report and Fox Business News. In the interview, Evan explains why internet mobs play such a huge role in the growing cancel culture phenomenon.

“You can go from coasting along in your life to being under attack and fighting for survival for your business, and in many cases actually facing physical threats,” Evan said.

Evan’s media savvy and decades of experience in crisis management have made him a go-to resource for journalists seeking expertise in crisis communications and celebrity PR.