What is Crisis Public Relations?

Would you know what to do if a PR crisis arises? Do you have the skills and insight to recognize that one is about to occur? If your answer is “no” then you are not alone. Often reputation attacks are unanticipated and come as a surprise. That’s why planning ahead is so important.

Knowing when to seek professional help from crisis response professionals when faced with a brewing crisis can mean the difference between sinking or swimming.
If you are in crisis or see one coming, please contact us now. Acting quickly is critical in this situation.

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Crisis Prevention and Planning

Crisis situations can stem from a data breach, financial impropriety, sexual harassment, a poor review that goes viral, an ill-advised social media post, or a whole range of unanticipated actions by those who work inside or outside your organization.

Each situation calls for different types of messaging and responses, and preventing an impact on your reputation and your company requires that you plan for all of them.
Having a crisis management plan in place ahead of time is the most sensible way to prevent a public relations disaster.

A potential crisis can be avoided by consulting with a reputation management professional and creating an action plan to deal with the fallout ahead of time. Red Banyan’s dedicated crisis management team of professionals will help you anticipate the unpredictable and develop crisis mitigation plans so that you know what to do when faced with the unexpected.

Whether it is hosting a PR or crisis communications workshop for your team or providing a PR trainer to hold a crisis webinar, we can help prepare your organization for a crisis.