Communications Training Overview

Getting your message out clearly and succinctly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Capturing the attention of your target audience can be challenging if your message is boring, vague or unclear.

Red Banyan’s PR and crisis management experts will provide your team with essential communications training that will help you prepare for a press conference, teach you how to present your message in a clear and interesting way, and prepare you with essential crisis communications skills should a communications crisis arise.  Our comprehensive PR services include the basics on learning how to communicate effectively in both crisis situations and day-to-day business.

Your organization may have a great story but if you don’t know how to share that story, what good is it doing? Effective persuasion involves getting the right message out at the right time, using both verbal communication, content marketing and social media. Our crisis PR consultants have the experience, talent and insight to train you so you are prepared for any scenario that may happen. Being caught off guard with no plan is one of the worst situations most companies will face. Don’t let that happen.

An organization that sets aside time for communications training is an organization that succeeds. How to learn crisis communications is a step by step instructive process that will save your company time and trouble in the long run, should an emergency arise. Red Banyan provides both proactive and reactive communications services and works directly with executives on messaging, speechwriting, op-eds, media training and overall public profile enhancement.

How to Effectively Communicate

Effective communication is essential for any business, non-profit or other organization and it is important to find PR professionals who offer a range of skills and specialties. Our PR team has expertise in all areas of PR so we can handle your media training, teach you how to prepare for a PR crisis, tailor your social media accounts to best reach your target audiences and help you create value-packed content.

We can also teach you how to tell a story in front of a camera and help you better understand what the media wants and needs when it comes to getting news out. We will coach you on important public speaking skills, help you stay focused and keep your message tracking in the direction that you want.

Did you know that it is helpful to designate a spokesperson to share your communications? Releasing information through a single source is often the most successful way to keep tabs on information flow and ensure that what you are releasing is correct and current. Our PR team includes former journalists who know what makes a good story and have existing relationships with the media. We have the background and know-how to teach you how to tell a compelling story, provide the details the media requires and keep your story on point. Our PR professionals will guide you through this process, share tips for the best outcome and teach you how to present your organization in the best light at all times.

Aspects of Communication

Our communications training includes a broad range of skills, including content creation, public speaking, research, social media, media relations and crisis PR communications. Is your organization prepared to handle the media when a big story breaks? Or what about when a data breach occurs and the threat of negative press looms? Do you know how to pitch a story to the media if your organization has a milestone or success that is newsworthy?

Our seasoned PR and crisis management consultants will train you to address each of these situations with confidence, knowledge and savvy. Preparation can equal success. We know what to expect because many of our PR professionals are former journalists and can successfully guide you along the way.

We will assist your organization with content creation, which is critical for marketing success and getting out your company’s message. We can help your employees hone their public speaking skills, so they better understand the responses and needs of their audiences.

Delivery skills include eye contact and a smooth vocal rate. Our PR experts will also coach you in other techniques such as eye contact, posture, gestures and listening. We will also help you determine the relevance of research methods such as surveys and focus groups. And when you are under media scrutiny because something went wrong, our media relations professionals will help train you in crisis management, so you know what to expect and how to handle an evolving crisis situation.

Crisis PR Prevention and Management Examples

Red Banyan’s purpose is to provide top notch PR crisis response to companies, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals. We tailor our work to meet the specific needs and requirements of each and every client, while also tracking the news cycle and monitoring all social media platforms so we are on top of anything breaking.

We also handle online reputation management. Our goal is to provide high-quality crisis management communications swiftly and comprehensively so that our clients achieve their desired outcome. Here are some of the crisis PR services we provide:


  • PR Crisis Response
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis PR in Cases of Extortion and/or Sextortion
  • Crisis Management Consulting
  • Crisis PR Training and Assessments


  • Social Media PR Crisis
  • Social Media Reputation and Branding
  • Crisis PR for Social Media Influencers
  • Social Media Content Creation



  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Reputation Repair and Strategic Online Crisis Training


  • Legal Public Relations
  • Recall PR
  • PR for Regulatory Issues
  • Litigation PR
  • Media Coverage Public Relations
  • Whistleblower PR
  • Creative Branding and Design
  • Media Relations and Outreach
  • Strategic Communications and PR