Every PR pro knows how important it is to proofread every piece of content before making it public.

Well, Yahoo Finance’s social media managers learned the hard way last week, when they posted a tweet on Thursday evening, which was supposed to read: “Trump wants a much bigger navy. Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

Alas, the lack of proofreading and close proximity of letters “b” and “n” on the keyboard prompted a major social media crisis for the news outlet. Spelled with an “n” instead of a “b”, the word “bigger” gave a completely new unintended meaning to the tweet.

In less than an hour after being shared, the post went viral, receiving more than 1,000 retweets and producing several trending hashtags. The fallout came in the form of countless snarky memes and comments directed at Yahoo by both public figures and the larger Twitter community.

An hour later, Yahoo Finance replaced the tweet with the following apology:

It’s worth pointing out, however, that no one is immune to typos, and even the best of us have been embarrassed by an awkward autocorrect at least once in our lives. So, rather than pointing to Yahoo’s mistakes or bashing the person responsible for the misspelled tweet, we hope that this latest social media debacle serves as a reminder to all PR pros, social media managers and regular users alike to ALWAYS carefully proofread everything you’re about to share with the world.