If you run a business or manage a nonprofit, then media training is something your organization should seriously consider in case you make the news. The media relations and interview preparation experts at Red Banyan can help prepare you for a video interview so you are not caught off-guard with the cameras rolling.

Solid preparation can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to being interviewed on-camera. Our media outreach team will teach you how to deliver a message effectively to both print and television reporters so that you share the messages you want the way in the manner that you want.

Red Banyan’s virtual interview preparation experts know how easy it is to get rattled when you are under pressure. Our seasoned experts will share tips and tricks that will help you ace your next interview and proceed with confidence.

We know how important it is to establish your core message ahead of time and stick to it during the interview, so we will help create talking points beforehand. 

Our team of PR consultants will show you ways to keep your interview on track. Red Banyan’s team of media coaches will help you determine what questions are most likely to be asked and then drill you on your answers.

Our media preparation team will make sure you are well-prepared and feel confident about conducting press interviews well before you ever speak with a reporter in person.

Why Invest in Media Training?

Those not adequately prepared for press interviews can end up with results that are disastrous. If your resolve waivers, or should you fail to provide a solid answer, then you could appear uncertain, indecisive, uninformed or uncooperative.

None of these possibilities are favorable and all can be prevented with proper thought and preparation. The risk of not preparing for a press interview far outweighs the potential costs of media training.  Prevent your company’s spokespeople from stumbling through press interviews without being properly prepared.

A media training agency will teach you how to deliver your message effectively to print and TV reporters using thought and preparation.

Red Banyan’s press training and virtual interview preparation will give you the confidence and media savvy you need to look sharp on camera and have the answers you need at all times.

Never done a media interview on video or via video chat? Red Banyan’s press coaches will walk you through the process by conducting mock interviews so you will know what to expect.

We will prepare of list of likely questions and conduct interview drills on camera so that we can together evaluate your performance and better understand what you need to do in order to improve.

How to Conduct a Video Interview

On-camera press interviews can be a challenge, which is why the saying “practice makes perfect” rings true when it comes to media and interview preparation. Knowing what you want to say and sticking to your core message is key to a successful interview. It is easy to get sidetracked if an interviewer attempts to take the interview in a sideways direction.

Red Banyan’s team of media coaches will teach you methods for keeping the interview focused and sharp. We will also make sure you are ready to answer hard questions and avoid disaster.

Being prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly is the best way to walk into a press interview. Should touchy questions come up, you will be ready with answers, and prepared to redirect the lines of questioning as needed.

Television interviews can be tricky because cameras capture everything, so if a question gives you pause, then your reaction will be caught on video. Our on-camera interview experts will practice extensively with you ahead of time so you can retain your composure and confidence throughout the entire experience.

Best Practices for Media Interviews

A key element of interview prep is knowing your audience. Red Banyan’s interview preparation team will help you research the viewers so that you know how to deliver content that resonates with the key audiences. Knowing their interests is a big part of determining what will keep them tuned in.

It is also important to know ahead of time how an interview with a particular news outlet will help you achieve your goals. Make sure that the news organization conducting the interview provides the right venue for your message before you accept the request.

TV interviews are visual so make sure you look sharp. Dress conservatively so your clothes are not a distraction, but make sure you look professional. Sit up straight, gesture naturally and smile. Looking sharp will give you a mental edge as well as a visual one.

Media Interview Preparation

Part of Red Banyan’s press training includes preparation for the unexpected. It is important to anticipate difficult questions that could arise so you have excellent answers at the ready.

Being prepared will also help you avoid stumbling while the cameras roll, strengthening your confidence and authority.

Red Banyan’s interview experts will conduct a Q&A session with you before your official interview so you can fine-tune your answers ahead of time. Keep your answers simple and stick to your message points so you stay on point throughout the interview.

We will also show you ways to redirect the conversation if it veers away from your core message in an undesirable direction.

Media Coaches for Work

Red Banyan’s media coaches are experts in crisis communications management, crisis PR, and on-camera interview and spokesperson training. Our team of PR professionals will make sure you are prepared to conduct in-person and on-camera interviews before you need to do them, so you are confident about your appearance and demeanor.

Knowing what to expect ahead of time is key to succeeding during a TV interview. Participating in mock interviews is the best way to prepare for the real thing.

Our team of press outreach consultants will make sure you have the best chance of success by working with you ahead of time so you can tell your story the way you want tell it, on your own terms.